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March 09, 2005

It Seems That Liberals Don’t Like Tax Increases Either

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They have no problem talking about repealing the Bush Tax cuts or increasing payroll taxes to fund social security. Increasing gas taxes and in CA actually contemplating gas usage taxes. Liberals will just about come up with up with and support any tax increase, except this one.

”It is a revolution,” said David Plumb, a retired chemical company executive from St. Louis whose family’s property valuation jumped from $5.4 million to $15.8 million this year and its tax bill from $16,000 to $48,000. ”We mean business.

Some 260 property owners have filed requests for tax abatements this year in Edgartown, where assessed values have soared 70 percent in three years. Many of the requests come from waterfront property owners, scores of them on Chappaquiddick, the island to the east of Martha’s Vineyard that is part of Edgartown.

That such a battle should take place in Edgartown is perhaps predictable. The town is a longtime redoubt for those of means and power, many of whom are accustomed to the safety of tax shelters and, perhaps more to the point, not cowed by authority, particularly a three-member Board of Assessors.

There you have it. The mighty, rich and powerful; “those of means and power, many of whom are accustomed to the safety of tax shelters,” have suddenly found a tax increase they do not agree with. How do they not want tax breaks for, as they refer to as the richest 10% (of course that would include them), but they are up in arms over these property increases? Could it be that any tax break under Bush would be sheltered anyhow? Could it be that wages of the working class are taxed and wealth is not? It would seem that liberals are against this tax because it actually affects them and they have no way to dodge it. Interesting enough the energy conscious beautiful people were also against this.

The obvious reason why the property taxes have increased is because the land values have done the same. One of the individual’s cited “property valuation jumped from $5.4 million to $15.8 million this year.” Folks, we are supposed to feel sorry for this person when his land value is worth over 10 million more than the year before? If you cannot afford the taxes then do what us common folk must do, sell.

The idea that the Liberal elite are complaining about tax increases is truly a novel and amazing concept. With all the complaining regarding this issue, the problem for liberals can best be summed up here:

”The assessor does not have a social agenda. What’s happening is you have people who are driving up the values on Chappy because it’s a nice place to be. It’s not the bureaucracy driving the assessment, it’s the market.”

Liberals not agreeing nor comprehending free market capitalism, go figure.

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