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July 05, 2005

Letter from Paul Reynolds

Posted in: General

Paul Reynolds, Natalee’s uncle, has written an email to the local papers in Aruba, and has sent Dan Riehl a copy.

Letter to the Editor

I have been reading Aruba AM, the English Aruban newspaper sent out over the internet. There appears to be a growing backlash against the Holloway family that I am very concerned about. I am sure the people in Aruba wish this investigation could be resolved as much as our family does.

The people in Aruba have been overwhelming supportive of our entire family since Natalie’s disappearance. When I arrived on the Island two days after she was reported missing, I was always greeted with expressions of concern and hope for Natalie’s return. There are hundreds if not thousands of stories of people coming together and helping each other during this incident. Bernadett from Economy Car Rental, the people at Holiday Inn, the Aruban Government Workers who left work to search the island are just a few of the examples. This is the good story of Aruba . The compassion and desire to help has meant more than you can imagine to our family.

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