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July 05, 2005

Beth Twitty Press Conference

Posted in: Natalee Holloway

Thanks to Teo at Arubadag for getting us the Audio to the press conference. If you are interested, here is the audio.

Beth Twitty just gave an emotional statement that to paraphrase said: She is very disappointed with the Aruban Justice System. She thinks that the Kalpoe brothers are criminals and that it is an injustice to have the boys who are free to walk amongst the citizens of Aruba. Also, Beth made the request that the Kalpoe brothers not be allowed to leave the country. Here is the transcript. It is now that I ask the world to help me. Two suspects were released yesterday who were involved in a violent crime against my daughter. These criminals are not only allowed to walk freely among the tourists and citizens of Aruba, but there are no limits where they may choose to travel. I am asking all mothers and fathers in all nations to hear my plea.

I implore you.

  • Do not allow these two suspects, the Kalpoe brothers, to enter your country until this case is solved.
  • Do not allow these criminals to walk among your citizens.
  • Help me by not allowing these two to get away with this crime.

It is my greatest fear that the Kalpoe brothers will leave Aruba. I am asking the Aruban officials to notify the US State Department in the event these suspects try to leave this island. I am asking all nations not to offer them a safe haven.

 I am asking this in the name of my beautiful, intelligent, outstanding daughter who I haven’t seen in 36 days and for whom I will continue to search until I find her.

Thank you all so much.

(Thanks KackyLacky for the transcription.)

AP: Mother Worried Brothers Will Flee Aruba

The mother of an Alabama teenager who disappeared more than a month ago on Tuesday expressed concern that two Surinamese brothers released from custody might try to flee the country and she asked other countries not to help them.

CNN; Holloway’s mother makes plea

Video also available (1:20)

The mother of missing American teenager Natalee Holloway asked Tuesday that two brothers who were held as suspects in her daughter’s disappearance not leave Aruba until the case is solved.

Beth Holloway Twitty pleaded for other countries not to allow them entry, and for Aruban officials to notify the U.S. State Department, should they decide to leave the Caribbean island.

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