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June 28, 2005

Friend of Monkey Talks to Mickey John

Posted in: Natalee Holloway

Before you watch Greta … see what Friend of Monkey has to say about her conversation with Mickey John.

I just got off phone with Mickey John.
Greta was at his house today and he may be on tonight.
I asked him if Deepak told him, he said “I never should have left her with Joran”
Deepak did say to him that he and Saish dropped NH and Joran off at the Marriot after he lighthouse. Then Deepak said he and Satish went home.
The whole thing he said about Holiday Inn was a lie that the VDS “family”
made up and asked Deepak and Satish to agree to. As far as what Deepak meant by the VDS “family” he doesn’t know if it includes “Tom Dick or Harry” to quote Mickey John. Also Mickey did believe that Deepak was telling truth. Deepak was sorry to have supported the family lie as it landed him in jail.
I may miss show… Thanks

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