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June 24, 2005

Natalee Holloway, Afternoon/Evening Updates

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For the first time on Friday after noon the Aruban authorities have come out and stated what many have suspected but most have dreaded to think. As days and days go by as Natalee has vanished without a trace they Aruban authorities have “suggested that Natalee was murdered.”

Fox News, Aruba Authorities Detail Murder Suspicions

For the first time Friday, Aruban authorities detailed the allegations suspected of the five men being held in connection with the disappearance of Natalee Holloway and they suggested that Natalee was murdered.

Joran van der Sloot and his friends Deepak and Satish Kalpoe are being held under suspicion of murder and kidnapping as well as being an accessory to murder. A fourth man, Steve Croes, is being held under the same conditions.

The fifth man, Paul van der Sloot — the father of 17-year-old Joran — was being held on suspicion of complicity to pre-meditated murder, complicity to kidnapping and murder and kidnapping. Under the Aruban system, complicity is a lesser charge.

The charges that Paul van der Sloot is being held under seems to have changed a bit from what was reported last night. In any event, it was certainly not the news that the Holloway or Twitty families wanted to hear.

None of the men have been charged with a crime. But all are in police custody. An Aruban government spokesman confirmed the allegations.

The Political Teen has video from Fox on this.

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