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January 12, 2010

Barack Obama Hits New 46% Approval Rating Low in CBS Poll

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Down, down, down … How low can he go.

More Hope & Change as CBS News poll has Obama at all time low.

President Barack Obama’s approval rating has hit an all time low at 46% in the most recent CBS News poll. It is official, Obama’s approval rating is under 50% in pretty much ever reputable poll. This is the first time that Obama has sunk under the 50% threshold in the CBS poll. Can you say downward trend?


President Obama’s job approval rating has fallen to 46 percent, according to a new CBS News poll.

That rating is Mr. Obama’s lowest yet in CBS News polling, and the poll marks the first time his approval rating has fallen below the 50 percent mark. Forty-one percent now say they disapprove of Mr. Obama’s performance as president.

In last month’s CBS News poll, 50 percent of Americans approved of how the president was handling his job, while thirty-nine percent disapproved.

80% of Democrats support Obama while only 13% of Republicans do. However, what is most damming number to Obama is that independents have declined 10 points in recent months and The One only gets 42% approval from them.

Just 41 percent now approve of his handling of the economy, which Americans say is the nation’s most pressing issue. Forty-seven percent disapprove. The president’s marks on handling health care, with reforms still under debate in Congress, are even lower – just 36 percent approve, while 54 percent disapprove. Both of these approval ratings are the lowest of Mr. Obama’s presidency.

As opined at the Gateway Pundit with this recent low approval rating represented by the abbe polling data, does that mean that Democrats and the Obama WH are going to start attacking CBS News like they did Scott Rasmussen?

One thing is for certain, the American people do not think that Barack Hussein Obama deserves a B+.  Going into the 2010 midterm elections and with a President who has been in office about a year with low approval ratings, it will be interesting to see what politicians  say to Obama … stay away, we don’t need any more of your help.

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