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March 09, 2005

Wictory Wednesday

Posted in: Main,Politics

Over at PoliPundit its Wictory Wednesday. All Scared Monkey readers please take the time to help out this cause the best you can. We need a filibuster proof Senate and one that does not block the appointments of Judicial Nominees. Let’s do our part in this cause.

Senator Rick Santorum’s (R-PA) race for re-election just got much more difficult because of the official entry of Democrat State Treasurer Bob Casey into the race. Santorum is one of the most stalwart conservative leaders of the Senate Republican caucus. He needs all the help he can get from you. Please donate whatever you can to his campaign online.

Today is Wictory Wednesday. Every Wednesday, hundreds of bloggers ask their readers to donate to an important Republican campaign.

If you’re a blogger, you can join Wictory Wednesdays by e-mailing me at wictory@blogsforbush.com. I’ll add you to the Wictory Wednesday blogroll. I’ll also send you a reminder e-mail every Wednesday, explaining which candidate to support that day.

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