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March 09, 2005

Upcoming: Eat an Animal for PETA Day

Posted in: Fun,Main,Politics

Mark your calendars, March 15Th is Eat an Animal for PETA Day. Meryl Yourish is this events founder, and it is a wonderful day in America. Spread the word, offer validation to your South Beach and Atkins dieting friends.

Some History from Meryl:

The day that started as a reaction to one of the most offensive PETA ad campaigns ever is now an annual event (joined by many others). Why? Because there are still plenty of offensive PETA campaigns to get annoyed about, whether or not they’re using Jews (and let’s not even talk about their lies regarding the kosher slaughterhouse in Iowa). So, because we’ve had such a good time for the past two years, once again, I urge you all to have a fun, meat-filled day on March 15Th, the official International Eat an Animal for PETA Day.

I am planning a day of fresh ground sausages for breakfast, veal Parmesan sandwich for lunch, and maybe some for an appetizer of foie gras before a big juicy rare steak for dinner… mmmmmm….

Leave a message on what you are going to do to celebrate this All American holiday. Also, spread the word!

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