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March 09, 2005


Posted in: Politics

Rich Lowery at NRO has a great article on the TV Democratic Reality Show, When Good News Strikes.

Schadenfreude has faded into its happiness-hating opposite, gluckschmerz. Liberal journalist Kurt Andersen has written in New York magazine of the guilty “pleasure liberals took in bad news from Iraq, which seemed sure to hurt the administration.” According to Andersen, the successful Iraqi elections changed the mood.

The legendary liberal editor Charlie Peters confessed to his own attack of gluckschmerz: “New York Post columnist John Podhoretz asked liberals: ‘Did you momentarily feel a rush of disappointment [at the news of the Jan. 30 Iraq election] because you knew, you just knew, that this was going to redound to the credit of George W. Bush?’ I plead guilty …”

It had been questioned a while ago, how could the Left take the position of betting against the United States? What was bad for America was good for the Democratic Party as it weakened President Bush so that he would be vulnerable and set up to lose the election. In order to regain power and neuter a President they had to secretly with that bad things happen and gain confidence from negative actions against the President and in turn our Country.

What a positions to be forced into taking, who bets against the Country they live in. Who bets that their Country fails so they they succeed?

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