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June 17, 2005

BREAKING NEWS: 4th Person Arrested in Natalee Holloway case (CORRECTION NO 5th PERSON)

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9:14am **** UPDATE ****
4th arrest made in Natalee Holloway case

9:17 am: From one of our great sources in Aruba, americaninaruba …

today 6am police go into house in Sta Cruz where they go with one person ……with initials S.C. this arrest took place 6am this morning…surprised the family with this arrest….we got different information, but we want to get all concrete things together before we bring this news to you…..we dont want to confuse anyone! we want to say that their is suspicion that she is ALIVE! but we dont want to bring up any suspicion to anyone but we will be back with info if this person has information for this case…also in Savaneta they took someone for interogation…..we are hoping this will come to an end, with all this suspicion we believe shes alive…..stay pending…..thank you harry

At 9:50 am: MSNBC & Fox have just reported the arrest of a fourth suspect. A 27 year old man.
It has been confirmed by Fox speaking to individual in Justice department 4th arrest 26 year old friend of joran

Fox News now reporting: Sources: 4th Person Arrested in Aruba Mystery

Authorities in Aruba arrested a fourth man in connection with the disappearance of missing Alabama honors student Natalee Holloway, sources told FOX News.

The new person detained is a 26-year-old friend of Joran van der Sloot — who was with Holloway the night she disappeared, sources said. Van der Sloot, 17, has been detained but not charged.

Unbelievable, after 18 days a fourth suspect now confirmed arrested, 26 year old, son of a prominent businessman and alleged friend of joran van der Sloot. Aruban authorities state there is an search going on with regards to this arrest but did not state where.

The boy has the initials SGC, and his father is also high in the judiciary.

Update: 1045 There is a rumor of another person taken into custody, his father recently committed suicide and that he has had serious mental issues since. He has two homes, a house on the main road of savaneta and also another one in Seroe Alejandro, and was know for having underground parties.

This is getting a little bizarre.

From the AP: Fourth Person Detained in Holloway Disappearance

11:00 am:

ORANJESTAD, Aruba (AP) – A fourth person has been detained in Aruba in the disappearance of Alabama teen Natalee Holloway, authorities announced Friday.
The person “suspected of being involved” in Holloway’s disappearance was identified by the attorney general’s office only as a 26-year-old with the initials S.G.C. The office did not disclose the gender or say when the person was detained.

According to Top 95 via American in Aruba

The arrest this morning was of a 26 year old. There wwere 2 dutch brothers questioned yesterday may have provided some information that led to this arrest. Also , a family friend of Joran Van Der Sloot was on the radio saying the Joran was a quiet nice boy who liked to go out with friends. The station is holding out hope publicly on the radio that she may be alive.

Let us hope and pray.

UPDATE: Initials S.C. born 21 -07-1978 –> Has only one hit in national health system: Steve Gregg C. J. Croes

Update 2 CORRECTION – WRONG STEVE CROES… credit goes to reader Dallas Also on the message board.

This is the book on Steve Croes site.

Workbook Emergency Care


Fifth person was detained, but released last night.

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