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March 09, 2005

Utah Gets It Right

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In an effort to deal with the illegal immigration issues, voter fraud and terrorism Utah Governor Jon Huntsman on Tuesday signed a bill replacing regular Utah driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants . The driving privilege cards can’t be used as official identification to board airplanes or register to vote.

The bill’s Republican sponsor, Sen. Curtis Bramble, said the measure was a compromise, because it still allowed undocumented immigrants to drive.

“I don’t believe that it’s the role of the State of Utah to provide documentation or some type of ID so that someone who is illegal can travel with impunity,” Bramble said.

This is a first step in preventing illegals from accessing valid identification that would allow them the ability to vote or worse yet a terrorist access to official ID that would allow them to board a plane.

This should be step one not the conclusion in these matters. This is an issue that needs be addressed and not pandered to, by both sides.

Update from Michelle Malkin. Arkansas getting it right too.

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