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December 26, 2009

Obama Says, Let Them Eat Cake … Rents $8.9 Million Hawaii Home for Holidays

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Perception is everything … Living La Vita Loca while the rest of America worries whether they will have a pay check and a home. Is this really the image that Obama wants to project to the American people? How could a President who for one second tires to tell American people that he understand their plight and feels their pain while renting this 7000 sq foot home out?

Some things just look and smell inherently wrong. Paying Senators off for their vote was one. Staying in this over the top rental property while average Americans go belly up is a second.


While millions of Americans lose their jobs and homes, the Obama’s jet off to Hawaii and rent an $8.9 million home for the holidays. While most Americans cannot afford to take a vacation and are doing “staycations” instead, Barack Obama and family in tow are roughing it up as Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous as We the People foot the expense.

Stephanopoulos on GMA says in his interview that when he talked to Obama back in September, he was already pining for his Christmas vacation in Hawaii. The United States has 10% unemployment and only 29% of Americans think that the country is headed in the right direction.

Welcome to the Obama Winter White House … Obama family from renting an $8.9 million Hawaiian mansion for the holidays … $4000 a night.


Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit

Let me guess, the White House will spin this as stimulating the economy.

UPDATE I: Who Knew Recharging was so Expensive? One Presidents recharge is another communities inconvenience … Of course we were being sarcastic when we stated above that Obama would spin this as stimulating the economy. I guess we all should know better by now.

Last Christmas, the Secret Service checkpoint was nearly a half-mile makai of North Kalaheo Avenue, giving people an opportunity to drive within yards of Obama’s vacation home.

“Now they’re turning around in our driveways,” Sutherland said.

Directly across the street, Sharon and Scott Miscovich had an identical problem.

“It was a lot less of everything last year,” Sharon said. “Now we get all the commotion.”

Secret Service agents had visited their home before the first family’s arrival and “apologized in advance for what was going to happen,” Sharon Miscovich said.

Yesterday, all of the neighbors along Kailuana Place had to stay on their property and were barred from venturing on to city and county land as the presidential motorcade entered the neighborhood just after 3:30 p.m.

“We’re not overly happy, but it’s great for him (Obama), the state and for everybody involved,” Miscovich said.

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