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December 24, 2009

It’s Official … Senate Passes Obamacare Along Partisan Democrat Vote, 60-39

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Mark the date, December 24, 2009 while Americans prepared for the Christmas holiday … Democrats perpetrated a treachery that will be their undoing.  Say good bye Democrats, 2010 is right around the corner and you will be tossed from office for trying to make America a socialized country. This so called landmark legislation was done by Democrats against the will of the people.

It is touted and spun by Democrats and Barack Obama as a historic vote and moment in American history, the Obamacare health care bill has passed the Senate, 60-39. Not one, not one Republican voted for this disaster called Obamacare.


Literally, under the cloak of darkness, Democrats continue to ram socialism down the troats of Americans. Imagine having Congressional representation that does not represent the will of the people?

The fact of the matter is that this bill is not historic, it does in fact STINK.

This legislation is hardly the type that statesman are made of. It is the type that bribes, back room deals and pay off for votes are made of at the expense of so-called health care reform.

The health-care reform bill coming out of the Senate presents a real dilemma for spectators: How do you applaud while holding your nose?

There is so much that is wrong with it — and the way it was made — and, at the same time, so much that is right that you just have to shake your head in despair and in wonder.

There is a reason why the American public overwhelming oppose this health care reform bill. People do want reform … they do not want this mockery of reform. How do we know that this bill is terrible? Why would so many Democrats make sleazy deals with Harry Reid to pass the bill if they did not like it on face value?

If the bill was so good for the American people, Democrats, Republicans and Independents would have voted for this bill without the need of a pay off. How do we know it’s not health care reform … maybe because honest Democrats are saying so … ‘A Democrat’s (Rep. Louise M. Slaughter) view from the House: Senate bill isn’t health reform.’ NRO says “slaughter” the bill. Sadly, it did not occur this morning as America’s Obamacare nightmare continues.

As Sarh Palin stated over night … the passage of this Senate health care bill will awake a sleeping giant that has not been seen in recent history.

Tomorrow’s Health care Takeover vote Will cause the sleeping giant to awaken and take action. “Average” Americans will take action as light shines on big government growth and corruption.

So what was the Democrats rush to pass a bill at Americans hate? Could it be that cowardly Dems did not want to face the American people like they did in Town Hall meetings during the August break? Ya Think!

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