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December 21, 2009

Senate Democrats Break Filibuster of Health Care with 1AM Vote; Partisan 60-40 Vote

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Senate Democrats did this against the will of the People! We the People oppose it.

The Health care train wreck continues down the path with Americans as victims in it’s wake. Democrats, along partisan party lines, voted 60-40 last night at 1 AM in the morning to stop the debate and move Obamacare forward.

So what’s the hurry Democrats? Afraid the People may find out what is in the bill? What a sad day in American political history when a bill with such changing affects on the American health care system is not allowed to be debated or read for fear of the backlash from critics as they might become informed.The Senate and the White House did not want Senators to go home over the Christmas break and be confronted by their constituents.

So much for the transparency that Obama promised.

As Flopping Aces appropriately puts it … -They now “own” this trainwreck and it will cost them BIG!

We are only now learning the price Democrats paid for those votes. $100 million for a hospital in Sen. Chris Dodd’s state of Connecticut, $500 million for Medicaid for Massachusetts and $100 million for Medicaid in Nebraska to win Ben Nelson’s vote and $600 million for Medicaid in Vermont. That’s on top of Sen. Mary Landrieu’s $300 million for Louisiana. Those of us not living in the above states will have the pleasure of supporting this corruption by paying for it with our tax dollars.

Republican Leader McConnell Releases Statement on Historic Mistake:

“But make no mistake: if the people who wrote this bill were proud of it, they wouldn’t be forcing this vote in the dead of night

“Here are just some of the deals we’ve noticed:

“$100 million for an unnamed health care facility at an unnamed university somewhere in the United States — the bill doesn’t say where — and no one will even step forward to claim it.

“ One state out of 50 gets to expand Medicaid at no cost to itself — while taxpayers in the other 49 states pick up the tab. (snipped)

Republican Boehner Releases Statement on Reid’s Government Takeover of Health Care

“The American people have rejected the Democrats’ government-run approach to health care loudly and clearly, and it’s time to scrap Senator Reid’s bill and start over. The bill will fundamentally change something as personal and important as the relationship between a patient and a doctor, and yet Democrats are attempting to sneak the bill through before Christmas in the hopes the American people aren’t watching what they’re doing. Why? Because Senator Reid knows the more the American people find out about this bill, the more they oppose it. (snipped)

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