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December 20, 2009

Will Senate Obamacare Bill Survive Bart Stupak in the House … KILL THE BILL

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Hmm … wonder what Stupak’s vote is now worth if he is looking to kill the bill? VP Joe Biden should be worried, may Obama will off Stupak the position in exchange for his vote.

Are there really any Statesman who will stand up and oppose a health care bill that every one knows is wrong and reforms nothing?

Will House Rep from Michigan, Bart Stupak, have the principles to stand up for the rights of the unborn and prevent federal tax payer $’s from funding abortion or will he have a price too?

Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson was supposed to be a statesman standing on principle against his party … that was until Nelson decided it was better to be a grifter and extort $’s at the expense of the other 49 states in the Union. Nelson also claims that the abortion language in the Senate bill is now ok, yet it is no where close to the verbiage in the Stupak amendment. Ben Nelson is nothing more than a bought and paid for political hack. Nelson, how does it feel to sell your soul and compromise your principles just so Reid and Obama can claim some form of victory. Say goodbye to DC, you are gone in 2012.

Democrat Bart Stupak said to The Politico that the Senate bill’s abortion position “unacceptable.”

Stupak’s continued opposition to the Senate plan, despite those conversations and intense pressure from the White House, suggests that reconciling it with the House bill may prove politically challenging.

The Senate language represented “a dramatic shift in federal policy,” said Stupak, adding that he remained hopeful that the differences could be resolved in conference. Nelson, though, said earlier Saturday that his support for the legislation was contingent on the abortion compromise remaining in it.

If it is true that Stupak is working with or with out Republicans to KILL THE BILL, one must ask the following question … with the payola for votes to Landrieu and Nelson … WHAT IS STUPAK’S VOTE WORTH TO BARACK OABMA?

EXIT QUESTION: Why isn’t every Senator asking for a Ben Nelson sweetheart Medicaid deal for their states? To not do so would be dereliction of their office. If a politician knows that he or she can save their state money, why are they not demanding Harry Reid provide the same to them?

Is it any wonder why so many Americans are against this health care bill.

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