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December 17, 2009

Tea Party Movement More Popular Than Democrats & Republicans

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So the Tea Party movement is not astro-turf after all, eh? All Democrats and spineless Republicans have managed to so is awake a “Sleeping” Giant!

Americans are ready to take their country back in 2010 … Real CHANGE you can believe in. Tea Party Fever … Catch It!


You mean the Tea Party movement is actually being looked at by the MSM as a viable entity? Really? With just like every story that does not fit the liberal MSM agenda, once again the lame street media is late to the game and the story. Funny, the Left, Democrats and the media have tried to marginalize the Tea Party Movement.

The media has never understood, better yet they never wanted to believe that Americans would be so angered and engaged that they would rise up and make politicians responsible to “WE THE PEOPLE”.

All are about to learn a lesson in humility, civics and that politicians work for the people.


According to a recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, Tea Party movement is more popular than either the Democratic or the Republican parties.


Tea Party Nation … Hear them roar

Just how angry is the public with the country’s two leading political parties? Angry enough that the conservative, libertarian-leaning Tea Party movement is more popular than either the Democratic or the Republican parties, according to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

The Republican Party maintains its net-negative favorable/unfavorable rating in the poll, with 28 percent viewing it positively and 43 percent seeing it in a negative light.

For the first time in more than two years, the Democratic Party also now holds a net-negative fav/unfav, at 35-45 percent.

By comparison, the NBC/WSJ poll shows the Tea Party movement with a net-positive 41-23 percent score.

Make no mistake about it, although the Tea Party Movement is lead or beholden to no party, most of them cannot stand higher taxes, out of control spending, record deficits, socialism and bail outs … they would vote for a Republican long before they would ever consider a Democrat, especially since it would mean keeping Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid in power.


The MSM and the Democrat Party will feel the wrath of the Tea Party movement in 2010 and thereafter.

Politicians of all parties in local, State and Federal office … you work for us. If you continue to not represent the will of the people … YOU’RE FIRED!

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