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December 16, 2009

ABC News/Washington Post Poll Has Barack Obama Down 6% Points in One Month

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Barack Obama Down 6% points in most recent ABC News/Washington Post Poll. In every poll, the trend for Obama is downward with policies and with most every demographic.

Yet another poll has Obama sinking like a rock. This time it is the ABC News/Washington Post Poll that plainly shows the American discontent with Obama on issues of the economy, health care, out of control spending, federal deficits as far as the eye can see and no job creation even though the $787 billion stimulus package promised that unemployment would be kept at 8% instead of the present 10%.

There are further challenges. Obama’s approval rating among independents, the crucial center of national politics, is 43 percent, a new low and down from a peak of 67 percent in the heady days a month after he took office.

All of these things including a lack of prmised transparenct and bipartisanship has led to Obama’s job approval ratings to trend downward badly.

Fifty percent of Americans in this ABC News/Washington Post poll approve of the president’s work overall, down 6 points in the last month; nearly as many, 46 percent, now disapprove. On the economy, 52 percent disapprove, a majority for the first time. On the deficit, his worst score, 56 percent disapprove.

Click HERE for a PDF with charts and questionnaire.

But it’s not just the economy: Fifty-three percent also disapprove of Obama’s work on health care, and the public by 51-44 percent now opposes the reform package in Congress – both more than half for the first time in ABC/Post polls.

Most noticably as pointed out by Hot Air is that the WAPO poll finally shows some polling integrity as they cleaned up the bias Democrat sampling.

The problem with WaPo’s polls is that they’ve been using samples that skew overwhelmingly Democratic; this month they finally bowed to ideological trends and cleaned up their act, reducing the partisan gap from a ludicrous 14-point spread in November to a more respectable six.

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