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December 01, 2009

Cop Killer Maurice Clemmons Shot and Killed … Good Riddance!

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Maurice Clemmons, the suspect in the murder of four Lakeland, WA police officers has been fatally shot and killed by Seattle police. Clemmons was killed by police after leads lead then to a Seattle city address where he had been hiding.


Clemmons does not deserve his pic shown, only one that truly resembles the pile of garbage that this cop killer really is.

Clemmons had been the focus of an intense two-day manhunt that included a systematic raid of the homes of his friends and family, who were believed to have been helping him evade capture.

Police said Monday that Clemmons was believed to have been armed while on the run, possibly with several guns. Calling him “dangerous,” they said, was an understatement.

Pierce County sheriff’s spokesman Ed Troyer says Maurice Clemmons was shot early Tuesday in a Seattle neighborhood.


The two day man hunt of Maurice Clemmons is over and ends in the death of the man who was suspected in the murders of four police officers. Clemmons ambushed and gunned down Sgt. Mark Renninger, 39; Officers Ronald Owens, 37; Tina Griswold, 40; Gregory Richards, 42 in a coffee shop Sunday as they prepared for their shifts and worked on their laptops.

US police ‘killer’ Maruice Clemmons shot dead in Seattle

As stated in the Times-on-Line the murder suspect Maurice Clemmons was cornered by police and decided to mess with the bull and he got the horns when he confronted police at 2:40 am. Clemmons was shot by police, taken to custody, then taken to Harborview hospital where he would later die from his fatal wounds.

Police radio traffic monitored over the internet suggested that the suspect, Maurice Clemmons, was cornered by a house in South Kenyon Street, in the Rainier Valley area of the city, at around 2.40am today.

The sequence of events is not yet clear but a Seattle Times critic, Mark Rahner, tweeted from the scene that Clemmons challenged police and was shot. The 37-year-old had already been shot in the torso after one of his victims managed to draw a weapon during Sunday’s killings.

After his capture, the suspect was taken to the Harborview hospital, according to traffic on the police scanner, but a police spokesman later confirmed that he had been fatally shot.

GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH!!! A special thanks goes out to Seattle police for fatally killing this human piece of waste so that the people never have to deal with him ever again and the tax payers will never have to foot his bill.

Family and friends of Maurice Clemmons had helped him elude police. According to a TV report this morning on Fox & Friends, police have arrested three individuals overnight and continue to search for others who helped facilitate Clemmons hiding from police. They will be charged with aiding and abetting help to a fugitive. Back up the truck and arrest them all. Any one who would help a 4X cop killer deserves to go away for a long time. Let’s hope no one commutes their sentence or let’s them out of jail early on parole on the promise they will change while behind bars.

Authorities believe the man sought in the slaying of four police officers is still alive and has been aided by a network of friends and family, a police spokesman said Monday night.

Officers surrounded a house in the Seattle suburb of Renton Monday evening, the second time in two days police had circled a home in their search for suspected cop killer Maurice Clemmons. Police questioned residents who may have aided the suspect since the Sunday morning shootings, Pierce County Sheriff’s office spokesman Ed Troyer said.

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