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November 30, 2009

Three Monkeys Racist … More Foolishness from the Liberal LEFT … Obama Ad with Racial Undertones, GET REAL!

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Hey Left, what do you have against Mizaru, Kikazaru and Iwazaru

Racism really is about ignorance. Especially when one uses the race card when none exists.

Once again Liberals prove that they are not the smartest people on earth … just the ones that know how to use the race card the best. Think Progress thinks that the following birther ad from The Washington Time against Barack Obama has racial under tones. Spare us your own race-baiting not so undertones. Why does it have racial undertones Libs? Because the ad contains monkeys? Please tell me you guys are not that shallow? Of course we have this ridiculous example from Joy Behart as well and “black” Friday.

Personally, I think the “birther” story is a non-starter and a waste of time.  However, the ad is hardly racist to any thinking person. Barack Obama has enough short comings and has proved his is an inexperienced, inept, way over his head socialist. That fact is more than on display by the fact that his poll numbers are sinking faster than the Titanic.


Please tell me that you think this ad has racial undertones because it has monkeys in it? Hmm, I guess the liberal intellectuals at Think Progress do not get the reference of the  “see no, hear no and speak no evil” monkeys and comparing them to Congress, the Courts and the MSM. Even your own post says that  the monkeys represent Congress, Court and Media.

… the version that ran this morning contains far more inflammatory imagery — three monkeys, apparently intended to represent the U.S. Congress, courts, and the media.

I thought you folks were so much smarter than us clinging to our bible and guns Tea Party hate mongers? I guess not. You think that Mizaru, Kikazaru and Iwazaru represent racial undertones? You might want to educate yourself and read up a little. Then there is Little Green Footballs who has done a fine job of writing their best Onion post. At least I thought it was supposed to be satire. It’s time for some of you folks to grow up an join the real world.

Sadly, there is real racism that exists and that is a terrible thing. There is reverse racism as well. Any one that would call this ad racism marginalizes real racism when it occurs. You folks diminish real racism all because the LEFT feels the need to protect the Obamamessiah at all cost. Every thing is racism. A day at the zoo visiting the monkey cage is racism. The use of a black light is racism. I guess just like when The Chosen One acted stupidly and accused others of racism.

Some food for thought to Think Progress and the Liberal Left … in the immortal words of Dr. Ruth Westheimer, “sometimes a banana, is just a banana.” Wow, a banana reference. Oh, can’t you just wait for the accusatory racist comments.

I guess the folks at Think Progress would call Scared Monkeys a website with racial overtones just because we have Monkeys on our logo and write negative stories about Barack Hussein Obama. I guess it is a good thing that we were around prior to the coronation of Barack Hussein Obama. And just so the LEFT comprehends what Scared Monkeys represents … for your viewing pleasure.

Thankfully, We at Scared Monkeys have the annoying habit of always looking and asking why.

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