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March 08, 2005

Fishbowl: Was It Symbolism That Got Them the Gig

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Via Outside the Beltway

The White House’s first credential blogger on his first day learned that maybe his blog FishbowlDC may have been chosen out of symbolism.

With an official credential hanging from his neck, a young man stepped into the White House briefing room Monday as perhaps the first blogger to cover the daily press briefings. He found the surroundings to be dilapidated and cramped and concluded that his morning at the White House was “remarkably uneventful.”

On his blog, Graff wrote: “Our first impression this morning? As glamorous as the beat itself may be, there’s little glamor to be found in the briefing room. The conditions of the briefing room, famously built over the old White House swimming pool, um, leave something to be desired.”

Who knew they may have had a sense of humor at the White House Press Credentialing Office, that a blog with the name of Fishbowl would in fact be blogging in a fishbowl. For more information on their first day read FishbowlDC’s report here. Here or here.

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