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November 10, 2009

Dog Killer Michael Vick Not Happy with the Eagles … Guess He is More at Home Abusing Beagles

Posted in: Crime,Deceased,Murder,Sports,WTF

Cry me a river Michael Vick. So you are not happy being an Eagle. What, would you rather be killing beagles? Dog killer Michael Vick stated that he was not happy with his role in the Philly offense doing the Wildcat. Dude, consider yourself lucky you are playing in the NFL and not pumping gasoline or working the night shift at the local 7–11.

Vick_dog killer

The real crime is the NFL actually thinking this malcontent dog killer could change

While being really, really careful not to say anything that would make waves, Philadelphia Eagles “quarterback” Michael Vick(notes) said yesterday that he’s not thrilled about his role in the Philadelphia offense. He doesn’t dig the Wildcat, and if it’s up to him, he won’t be doing it next year.

I am glad to see that ex-Indianapolis coach Tony Dungy has had a lasting impression of the dog killer Michael Vick after all this time. Obviously Vick has understood the chance he has been provided and thinks that he calls the shots. What a grateful individual. Every one wondered why the Philadelphia Eagles would ever take a chance on such a malcontent like Vick. However, now that the Philly fans know that Vick is not happy in the City of Brotherly Love, maybe the fans can show Vick the same appreciate they showed Santa Claus back in the day.

Heck, it appears that Philly QB is unhappy with Vick and the Wildcat as it disrupts the flow of the offense. One wonders why anyone would go out on a limb and provide Vick a chance when the situation is a failure all the way around.

It is obvious that Vick learned nothing from his time spent in jail or from his so-called mentoring from Tony Dungy. Call it for what it really is, a failure. For what Vick has done in the past, he is luck to even be playing in the NFL. Instead he bitches and moans and actually thinks that he has a say. Personally, Philly should cut him so that the dog killer can learn what it means to really have to work for a leaving and be made to work a third shift in a dead end job as in the end, that is all he is qualified to do.

Just because Vick served his time in jail does not necessarily mean that he is afforded a second chance in the NFL.

Make us proud Philly … the next home game … LET VICK HAVE IT like only Philly can.

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