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March 08, 2005

These Grapes Aged 24 Years Have Soured

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One day before Dan Rather bids the CBS anchor chair farewell, the former CBS anchor, Walter Cronkite, who Rather replaced has not much good to say In a remarkable comment made by Cronkite, “Although Dan did a fine job, I would have liked to have seen (Schieffer) there a long time ago.”

Dan Rather had served as Anchor and managing editor of the CBS Evening New since March 9, 1981 when he replaces Walter Cronkite who had served as anchor since 1962. However, later this evening will be Dan’s last as CBS Anchor. In an LA Times article “Cronkite, who maintains an office and a small staff at CBS News, told the magazine that Moonves should have been tougher on Rather and CBS News President Andrew Heyward.” Whether Cronkite is bitter over the then CBS policy of mandatory retirement or the fact that he never worked again at CBS after Rather came to power. By the remarked that Cronkite made toward Rather, there is obviously a meant up issue.

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