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October 31, 2009

Cleveland Police Go to Arrest Sex Offender for Rape & Find 6 Bodies at Home … Anthony Sowell Arrested By Police

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Here is something that police did not expect and talk about your ghoulish and heinous crimes. They go to arrest a convicted sex offender for rape and discover their suspect is a serial killer.

On Thursday, Cleveland, OH police went to the home of convicted sex offender Anthony Sowell to arrest him on charges of  felonious assault and rape. However, upon entering the home police found three bodies and expect to confirm three more.  Police found two badly decomposed bodies on the third floor of his home on Thursday and a third was discovered Friday afternoon in the basement’s dirt floor. The possible remains of three more people were found in Sowell’s house and backyard. Sowell had lived in the home since 2005.


Convicted Sex Offender: Anthony E. Sowell

Police say Sowell spent 15 years in prison for a 1989 rape. As we always say, there is no such thing as a one time rapist and they cannot be rehabilitated.

In 1989, Sowell lived on Page Avenue in East Cleveland. That’s where he lured a 21-year-old woman into his bedroom, choked her and repeatedly raped her, prosecutors said. That led to his prison sentence from 1990 until 2005.

This case once again brings up the question as to why we let serial rapist out of prison? Why are they not at least forever on probation? Since Sowell was no longer on probation, police needed a search warrant to get in.

Once released, Sowell had to register as a sex offender. He was required to report to the sheriff’s office once a year until 2008, when a change in the law caused him to report every 90 days.

He last checked in on Sept. 2. On Sept. 22, deputies did a spot check on him to verify he lived on Imperial. Sowell answered the door, but deputies did not enter the home. Since Sowell was no longer on probation, they needed a search warrant to get in.

Maybe the discovery of these 6 bodies can put some family’s pain to some rest in the case of any missing persons cases?

UPDATE I: Sex Offender and Suspected Murderer has been Arrested by Police

50 year old convicted sex offender and suspected killer was arrested on Saturday by police in Cleveland just after noon as he walked down the street.

Anthony Sowell, 50, was caught walking down a Cleveland street just after noon, capping a massive manhunt for him in the area.

Sowell, who identified himself as the suspect after police approached him, is wanted on felony rape and assault charges. There was no word yet on whether he will be charged with murder, and no charges have yet been filed.

A tipster told officers of his whereabouts and a zone car found him and arrested him without incident.”

Breaking news on the massive search for convicted rapist Anthony Sowell. Cleveland Police tell Fox 8 News, Sowell was arrested at East 97 and Mt. Auburn just before 12 pm Saturday.

A citizen went to the Fourth District Police Headquarters Saturday morning and reported seeing Sowell walking down the street.

After officers confronted Sowell, he identified himself as the suspect.

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