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June 03, 2005

Not Everyone Thinks Hillary is the Democratic Savior

Posted in: Politics

Hillary Clinton did the rounds in Hollywood with the Democratic elite raising an estimated $1 million from political donors. These fund raisers were to benefit both her Senatorial campaign for 2006 and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee as well.

From a $1,000-per-person soiree at the home of Warner Bros. chief Alan Horn to a late-night Young Hollywood shindig co-hosted by such performers as Christina Aguilera, Scarlett Johansson and Jake Gyllenhaal, organizers of the Wednesday night events had to turn away aspiring guests.

One dinner at the home of radio syndication billionaire Norm Pattiz was expected to bring in $450,000 for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, organizers said. Clinton appeared at the event with Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.).

Hosts said a late-night event at the home of Roland Emmerich, the director and executive producer of “Godzilla” and “Independence Day,” was packed. The 27 people listed on the invitation as $1,000-per-person co-hosts included young actress Lindsay Lohan. Other guests paid $125 or $250.

Fund raising aside two rather interesting things can be said from Hillary’s Excellent Adventure to Hollywood.

1) Not everyone at the event was so sure that Hillary is the answer in 2008 for the Democrats answer for the Presidency. There seem to be some honest Democrats who actually consider Hillary a lightening rod for the mobilization of the Republican base in 2008.

But the fundraising swing, which occurred during the congressional recess, spurred speculation about a possible 2008 Clinton presidential run.

“I think she can win the Democratic nomination in a heartbeat,” said a veteran fundraiser who hosted one event in his home. “I question whether she can win the presidency.”

“It seems to be the Republicans who are talking her up more than anybody. That’s who they’d like to face,” he said. “There are some very high-powered Democrats in this town who were off to Chappaqua [the Clintons' home in New York] the minute we lost the election, looking to Hillary as the savior.

If she’s that good,” he joked, “she could coach the Lakers.”

2) This fund raiser Hillary attended in Hollywood took place at the same time as another major Democratic get together was occurring as well. Why was Hillary Clinton not at “Take Back America“? The event was billed as the largest single get together of progressives liberals since the 2004 Presidential Elections. It would appear that Talk Left asks the same question.

Could it be because of this man and Hillary’s need to distance herself from him as far away as she can? Gee, you think? Hillary, Hillary … “Do you think all Republicans have never made an honest dollar in their lives either?”

The game of Dodge Dean has just begun for the Hillary for ’08 crowd.

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