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June 03, 2005

E-Mail – How Not To Use It

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Here is a great primer on what not to do with email. We all could learn a thing or two.

From Pen Loops:

  • Ramble when you write – Put as many subjects into your email as possible.  Try to make one email handle a month’s worth of information.  On the other hand, your email doesn’t have to have a subject at all.  Others will just love to hear you go on and on about anything!  Length is important as well.  The longer the better!  Think of it as a filibuster.
  • Use an inappropriate subject line – Your subject line should have nothing to do with your topic.  It’s even more fun to come close to the topic with your subject line.  That way your recipient will wonder for hours what they are missing in the email.  This is always fun.
  • Use all caps – Harder to read, caps, especially in a long email, will drum up business for LensCrafters.  They will also add to that nice spider web of wrinkles around your recipient’s eyes as they try to read them.  It will give them that nice leathery look.
  • use no caps – or punctuation orgrammarorcorrectspacing everyone has fun trying to figure out what you wrote
  • CC everyone you can imagine, especially their superior – This is especially good when your recipient has slipped up and made a mistake.  If the mistake is small, do this before you have all the information so it looks a lot bigger than it really is.  This is also effective when dealing with confidential or sensitive information.

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