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October 23, 2009

Obama White House Tries to Ban FOX News From Press Pool … MSM Backs Fox and Obama WH Backs Down

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The thin skinned, baby & Chief …

Obama has finally bitten off more than he can chew and has severely over played his hand. MSM Obama_finger_in_mouthslaps Obama White House hand and Obama WH backs down. What is this president going to do when the Press turns on him?

Now this White House was going to ban a single News organization from an interview? To the LEFT, who knew hope and change meant Richard Nixon and an enemies list?

What is wrong with this White House? How childish and small, let alone Unconstitutional could they possible be? Obama’s war on FOX News has come to this game of chicken where the White House tried to bar Fox News from interviewing pay czar Kenneth Feinberg  As Hot Air states, which act of this White House is the most disgraceful? Can we choose all of the below?

Decide for yourself what the most disgraceful aspect of this is. Was it the fact that Gibbs told Jake Tapper explicitly on Monday that the White House wouldn’t try to dictate to the press pool who should and shouldn’t be included — before doing precisely that? Was it Anita Dunn going out of her way to say she respects Major Garrett as a fair reporter — before the administration decided he didn’t deserve a crack here at Feinberg? Or was it the repeated insistence by Dunn and Axelrod that of course the administration will make its officials available to Fox — before pulling the plug today?

KUDOS to the Washington bureau chiefs of the five TV news networks who stepped in an agreed to skip the interview if FOX News was not included. When push comes to shove, all of the MSM is in it together no matter what party in in office.

 Obama White House gets slapped down by the MSM. Media sides with FOX News over Obama White House

Barack Obama actually complained and whined about Fox News in a secret closed door White House meeting with the so-called real media that had the likes of MSNBC’s Maddow and Olbermann present? There’s some credibility you can believe in.

As Hot Air states, I though the President was not losing any sleep over this? So then why would he assemble his MSM lapdogs together in a whine-fest? Did Maureen Dowd bring the brie? Obama doen’t lose sleep over this? Are you kidding, he is obsessed with it!

NewsBusters brings is via CNN and Anderson Cooper the unthinkable … CNN comparing Barack Obama, The One, The Obamamessiah is Richard Nixon. Wow, that’s going to leave a mark.

How do you know that the White House’s anti-Fox News campaign has gone seriously wrong? When CNN, let alone Anderson Cooper, begins to compare the Obama and Nixon administrations. 

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