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October 22, 2009

Philadelphia ACORN Busted … So They Didn’t Say they were a Prostitute and Were Thrown Out Eh?

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When there is a choice in the truth between ACORN and the team of Andrew Breitbart, Hannah Giles and James O’Keefe, you would be nuts to choose the nut. Hey ACORN, quit while you are way behind. Please.


So ACORN states that Hannah Giles and James O’Keefe …. were thrown out of the ACORN office, never mentioned prostitution and the meeting only lasted minutes, eh? The video plainly shows that the meeting that occurred at the Philly ACORN office happened just the way Giles, O’Keefe and Breitbart had stated. Giles and O’Keefe use the same script in Philly that they did in Baltimore, Washington, DC, San Diego, NYC and the rest of the “pimps & prostitute” stings they did in trying to traffic under age girls from South American into the United States as sex slaves.


It would appear that the media outlets that reported and defended ACORN with their lies has a bit of a journalistic integrity issue. But not Fox News, they have reported the truth about ACORN from the outset. Yet, President Obama does not think they are a news organization. How does the MSM feel that they have egg on their face as NewsBusters states, repeating the lies of ACORN?

For a month, it has supposedly been the settled truth that a similar attempt by O’Keefe and Giles in Philadelphia had failed miserably, and that the pair were “thrown out” of ACORN’s office there. ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis said so on CNN. The Philadelphia Daily News’s David Gombacorta reported that “they were apparently shown the door.” Others playing or parroting ACORN’s assertions included the Philadelphia Enquirer, the Washington Post, NPR, and the New York Times.


From Big Government.com comes the truth. Can we say BUSTED!!! These videos play like an ACORN BUSTED mini-series. Please stop lying, you know what was video taped. How does the MSM feel now that they have defended and repeated the words of ACORN that are an obvious lie?

As Big Government says … Now that ACORN lied to you, Media Matters, what are you going to do? We second Blue Crab Boulevards comment, “Gee, ACORN Lied? Whodathunkit!!!”

Hey Philly ACORN, where was the part where you kicked them out of the office?

If ACORN says that Giles and O’Keefe are lying then why don’t they let the full tape be aired? Hmm? What do you have to hide ACORN but the truth? Maybe the MSM will take this into consideration the next time they decide to back an organization that took tax payer money and had no issue with helping set up a human trafficking, under age sex slave enterprise.

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