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October 18, 2009

UCONN Football Player Jasper Howard Stabbed & Killed in On campus Attack

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Shocking news from Storrs, Ct and the University of Connecticut UConn football player stabbed and dies in on campus attack.

It was just Saturday afternoon that 20 year old Jasper Howard was playing for the UCONN football Huskies in a win over Louisville. Today, he is dead. Twenty year old Jasper Howard of Miami, a junior and starting cornerback, was stabbed during a fight early Sunday


20 year old UConn student Jasper Howard

Last night, the Miami native was in an altercation and the stabbing happened when a school sponsored dance at the student union was let out. According to police, a fire alarm was pulled at 12:26 a.m. The stabbing happened just after 12:30 a.m. Sunday on Hillside Road near the center of campus. Two people were stabbed in the attack and rushed to Windham Community Memorial Hospital. The other individual, whose name has not been released, who was stabbed was treated and released.

State Police major crime unit and UConn police say the stabbing happened just after 12:30 a.m. Sunday on Hillside Road near the center of campus. Police said two people were stabbed and were found near each other on Hillside Road. Both were taken by UConn ambulances to Windham Community Memorial Hospital.

Howard was airlifted by LifeStar to St. Francis where he died. Police also said there was a second victim who is not being identified and was treated and released from the hospital, but it does not name which hospital or say if the second victim was male or female.

Police said the stabbing happened when a school-sponsored dance at the student union was let out. A fire alarm was pulled at 12:26 a.m., an altercation happened outside the building between two groups of people and then two people were stabbed.

The perpetrator of the stabbing is still at large.

Anyone with information on what happened is asked to call UConn police at 860-486-4800. The state police major crimes squad is assisting with the investigation.


UPDATE I: UConn mourns stabbing death of football player

This story just got worse, if possible. 20 year old Jasper Howard was an expectant father, was the first person in his family to go to college and came to the University of Connecticut to get away from the violence on the streets of his hometown.

How sad, tragic and ironic that his life would end in this manner at a place that was supposed to be a sanctuary. It is just the ultimate tragedy that a sports scholarship which would provide chances not otherwise afforded to Jasper Howard would put him in such a position that would end his life. From all accounts Howard was a great kid with character.

Sunday, as he rattled off memories of Howard, Cubit recalled sitting on the front porch of Howard’s home in Miami and wondering about the circumstances of his upbringing.

“The kid got a chance in life because he was getting a college football scholarship,” Cubit said. “It gave him an opportunity to grow more. And so I feel for Randy (Edsall) because you become like a dad for these kids. They get to campus, and they look to you for direction.”

According to UConn Police Major Ronald Blicher, it is the first homicide at the university in the over 30 years associated with the school.

Edsall said Howard’s death was especially tragic, because he was about to become a father. No additional information about the expectant mother, who Edsall identified as Howard’s girlfriend, was provided by police or the university.

The coach gathered his team at its training facility at 6 a.m. to deliver the news.

UPDATE II: UCONN Mourns Jasper Howard (VIDEO)

Tears truly did fall from the sky today at Storrs, CT as Jasper Howard was remembered.

“We create a bond here that never will be broken, that’s thicker than blood,” Cullen said. “Where he grew up, through childhood to high school, to get through it was a miracle in itself. The idea of him coming all the way to Connecticut, where his mother thought he was safe ? is heartbreaking.

“To hear the news he is a father … and that (the child) will grow up without a father tears me apart. As Jazz looks down on us, I can promise his son or daughter will have 105 uncles. We will be better men because of Jazz.”

Howard grew up hard in Miami. When we spoke at length in August, he talked about how Joangila made so many sacrifices to support him and his sisters Keyondra and Jasmine. Jasmine had been afflicted with meningitis.

“My mom was my mom and dad,” Howard had said. “My father was never around. I call her every day and before I go to sleep every night. And I’m very close to my sisters. When Jasmine was younger, the meningitis of her brain was real bad. She’s just a little set back now. She’s 13, but mom says it’s like she’s 11 or 12. She’s going to be OK. Keyondra loves sports. She runs track. She starts at point guard in basketball. She made all-county. We’re really hoping she follows me to the next level.”

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