AZ Sex Crimes Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell Told Republican Following Senate Judiciary Hearing She Would Not Charge Supreme Court Nominee Kavanaugh After Hearing Testimonies of the Kavanaugh or his Accuser Christine Blasey Ford



It was high drama yesterday during the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee hearing as accuser Christine Blasey Ford and Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh provided testimony during the confirmation hearing of Kavanaugh. But after hours and hours of testimony, did we really learn anything new that we already didn’t know? Did Dr. Ford provide any corroboration to her accusations? Did Kavanaugh crack and provide a lack luster defense? The answers are no, no and no.

In a meeting with Republicans following the hearing Arizona sex crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchell told them her analysis and that after listening to both Ford’s and Kavanaugh’s testimony, Mitchell stated that this case against Kavanaugh could never be brought to a court room and that she would never charge him.

Brooke Singman of Fox News quoted one source as saying “Mitchell was very clear with senators that based on evidence presented, she couldn’t bring the case ‘anywhere near a court room.’”

As reported at The Politico, Rachel Mitchell told the Senate Republicans that as a prosecutor she would not charge Kavanaugh or even pursue a search warrant.

Then, in the full GOP conference meeting, Murkowski, Collins and Flake offered their colleagues no signal of where they would land, according to an attendee. Rachel Mitchell, a lawyer who was retained by the Senate GOP to question Ford, broke down her analysis of the testimony to Republicans, but did not advise them how to vote. She told them that as a prosecutor she would not charge Kavanaugh or even pursue a search warrant, according to a person briefed on the meeting.

The examination of Dr. Ford by Arizona sex crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchell for the Republicans, went slow, methodically and pretty much no where. Let me just say I initially thought this would be a mistake and it was. However, even with this wrong type of questioning, it was obvious that Ford’s accusations against Kavanaugh were just that. There was no corroboration or evidence to prove her accusations. In fact, a he said, she said turned in to a she said, they said. All of the witnesses that Ford stated was at the party where she was sexually assaulted all stated that they either had no recollection or no knowledge of any such get together. Even Ford’s long time best friend from high school, Leland Ingham Keyser, stated she was never at any party with Kavanaugh. Christine Blasey Ford went on to say she didn’t expect Leland and a boy, P.J. to remember that party because it not a remarkable party compared to their “more notorious parties” and that nothing remarkable happened to them. HOLD THE PHONE. How about Ford remember? She is claiming something “remarkable” did happen to her yet she can’t remember the time, day, month or really year the party took place. Ford can’t remember how she got to the party or home from the party. I do not doubt that something happened to Dr. Ford in her life. But it was not Kavanaugh. I think Dr. Ford is troubled and needs mental health help to deal with the demons, not a Democrat party of shills looking to use her for their own power.

In the end I think the GOP’s decision to use sex crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchell was a mistake by Republicans, but it served its purpose. Republicans were cowardice because they did not want to look like a bunch of white men attacking a accusing female. Good grief, grow a set. That is what was do refreshing about judge Brett Kavanaugh’s opening statement defense, then Sen. Lindsey Graham.

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    One Response to “AZ Sex Crimes Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell Told Republican Following Senate Judiciary Hearing She Would Not Charge Supreme Court Nominee Kavanaugh After Hearing Testimonies of the Kavanaugh or his Accuser Christine Blasey Ford”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on September 28th, 2018 11:55 am

      The Republicans caved to having a woman act in their stead for the simple reason that women in this country are considered too weak to be spoken to in the same manner as a man. This is something that was created by the Democrats in the late 1960′s and then made into law by the passage of the EEOC law in the early 1970′s.

      There are women’s groups throughout the country that want to be equal as men except they want laws to help them to have an advantage in the work place and to never have to listen to the same harsh words as would be used to confront a man that was not performing in his job.

      Women are known to be just as devious as men in almost every situation in life. This means they often concoct false stories to advance their agenda to get what they want.

      As I posted a week or more ago, Mrs. Ford has made up this story because of some perceived wrong that
      the judge did to her when she was fifteen years old. It could be as simple as he didn’t pay enough attention to her as she wanted. I also think the woman in her early teens began to consume alcohol that affected her brain to the point that she could not discern reality from fiction.

      It was clear that prosecutor Mitchell was handicapped by the five minute time limit that prevented proper development of facts in a comprehensive manner. I do agree with her conclusions expressed to the Republicans as stated in your article.

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