Sean Hannity – Fox News July 23, 2018 … FBI Scandal & Russian Dossier



The Deep State, FBI, DOJ, NSA, etc … used the Russian dossier, the opposition research, bought and paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign to spy on Donald Trump and his campaign. The question one must ask is, if Carter Page was so bad and needed to be under surveillance, why has Mueller never indicted him? Hmm? This was exactly what many of us knew it was, an attempted silent coup and an effort to sway an election. However, it was not Russia who tried to alter the election and affect a duly elected president from doing their job. The Deep state never thought Donald Trump could withstand their onslaught.

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    One Response to “Sean Hannity – Fox News July 23, 2018 … FBI Scandal & Russian Dossier”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on July 24th, 2018 12:32 pm

      I watched the entire hour.

      The DOJ and all its subsidiary organizations should have a thorough housecleaning. Everyone in management in all organizations needs to be temporally suspended while an outside group organized by congress with full oversight performs an investigation.

      President Trump should initiate this after the November elections. The fake investigation now in progress by Mueller should be shut-down and disbanded. Deputy Attorney General Rosenstien should be immidiately dismissed and if charges can be brought for his bad behavior, they should be made.

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