Tucker Carlson Tonight Fox News 6/21/18 – Discusses With Dave Rubin the LEFIST HATE Calling Everyone Nazi’s … Where Does It Lead To (VIDEO)


Tucker Carlson discusses with Dave Rubin the irresponsible behavior of the LEFT, Democrats and all those who just call everyone a Nazi and racist because it fits their progressive, liberal hate. I remember a day when I could have debates with individuals like Dave Rubin and I still do with people like his ilk. I probably don’t agree with much with Rubin, but we can discuss respectfully.

By the way, Dave Rubin is a LIBERAL.

Hear it from a very liberal, Liberal. Rubin states, this is what the argument from the LEFT have been whittled don to. Everything comes down to everyone else being a racist or a bigot or some how acting in prejudice. This is a horrific way to enter an argument in the public space because you keep calling people Nazi’s, then you say its ok to punch Nazi’s. And now you can just punch everybody … ”

Sound  familiar?

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