Hillary Clinton Favorable at All-Time Low to 36% … Bill Clinton Down Five Points to 45%



According to a recent Gallup poll, Hillary Clinton’s favorability rating has dropped to a new low of 36%, while her unfavorable rating has hit a new high of 61%. Imagine that? While the liberal MSM, the LEFT, the Never-Trumpers and the establishment GOP have continuously attacked President Trump, the Clinton’s have generally gotten a pass. Except for by the People who know the real story. This will only get worse. When the liberal media is forced at some point to report negatively on Hillary, she will be finished. In the era of “#Me Too,” Hillary Clinton has much explaining how she looked the other way and enabled her husband’s philandering ways.

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Hillary Clinton’s image has declined since June and is now the worst Gallup has measured for her to date. Her favorable rating has fallen five percentage points since June to a new low of 36%, while her unfavorable rating has hit a new high of 61%.

Clinton’s prior low favorable rating was 38% in late August/early September 2016 during the presidential campaign. She also registered a 38% favorable rating (with a 40% unfavorable rating) in April 1992, when she was much less well-known.

The current results are based on a Dec. 4-11 Gallup poll. Clinton’s favorable rating has varied significantly in the 25 years Gallup has measured opinions about her. Her personal best was a 67% favorable rating taken in a December 1998 poll just after the House of Representatives voted to impeach her husband, then President Bill Clinton. She also had favorable ratings in the mid-60s during her time as secretary of state between 2009 and 2013.

Since losing to Trump, Clinton’s favorable ratings have not improved, in contrast to what has happened for other recent losing presidential candidates. In fact, her image has gotten worse in recent months as Democratic leaders, political observers and Clinton herself have attempted to explain how she lost an election that she was expected to win. Meanwhile, controversy continues to swirl around Clinton given continuing questions about the fairness of the 2016 Democratic nomination process and her dealings with Russia while secretary of state. There has also been renewed discussion of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s handling of past sexual harassment charges made against Bill Clinton in light of heightened public concern about workplace behavior.

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