POLITICO/Morning Consult Poll: Democrats Surge Ahead on Generic Congressional Ballot



According to a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll, Republicans trail Democrats by 7 percentage points on the generic congressional ballot. I would say three things when it comes to this poll. One, it is way too early. Two, the establishment GOP and so-called leaders like McConnell and Ryan better get on board with President Trump and stop their nonsense unless they want to be in the minority party. Three, these are the very same polls that said that Hillary Clinton would be the hands down winner of the 2016 presidential election.

Maybe Republicans can start acting like Republicans and stop lying to the American people. Their lies regarding the appeal of Obamacare have many saying, why did we even elect them?

Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell

Republicans trail Democrats by 7 percentage points on the generic congressional ballot, according to a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll, the Democratic Party’s greatest advantage on the generic ballot since the poll began asking the question this past spring.

The survey, conducted last Thursday through Saturday, shows a generic Democrat leading a generic Republican, 44 percent to 37 percent, with 19 percent of registered voters undecided. The two parties were tied, 40 percent apiece, in the previous week’s poll.

The results came on the heels of a week in which the GOP effort to repeal Obamacare crashed and burned in the Senate and President Donald Trump’s chief of staff left the White House abruptly.

Democratic voters back the Democratic candidate by an almost-unanimous margin, 90 percent to 2 percent. Republicans are slightly less unified, supporting the GOP candidate, 85 percent to 5 percent. Among independents, the Democrat leads, 34 percent to 25 percent, with 41 percent undecided.

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    3 Responses to “POLITICO/Morning Consult Poll: Democrats Surge Ahead on Generic Congressional Ballot”

    1. kashekamon on August 2nd, 2017 9:11 am

      We had an historical win in the election, thanks to Donald Trump and his supportive voters. He gave the Repubicans the White House. But where’s their support. Do they not know how to lead, are they going to throw everything away and allow the Democrats to destroy the Presidency and everything we fought for. Seems like the Democrats are in control, this is pure nonsense. We’ve got some senators we need to get of. They shouldn’t be speaking harshly about Trump or each other, remember the words of wisdom from Ronald Reagan. Between the lack of getting things done and all the negativity from the liberal media it’s causing a lot of damage. Get it together GOP or get out of office and make room for those that will support our party.

    2. Larry on August 2nd, 2017 8:29 pm

      I submit the Establishment GOP wants to be the minority party.
      SM: By many of their actions, I cant disagree with you.

    3. A Texas Grandfather on August 3rd, 2017 9:26 am

      Both political parties have abandoned the constitution and conservative values. There are more people registered as independents than Democrats or Republican.

      If the current elected Republicans do not or cannot do the job, the people will find a way to replace them, but not with Democrats. The two major parties are on the cusp of going the way of the Whigs.

      Trump will expose the fraud and criminal activities of both parties which will make it clear to the people that term limits must be enacted.

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