President Donald Trump Addresses Shooting at Republican Congressional Baseball Practice (VIDEO)



President Trump addresses America and announced that the gunman had died after opening fire earlier this morning on members of Congress practicing for a charity baseball game in Alexandria, Virginia, injuring Rep. Steve Scalise, R-Louisiana, the House majority whip, and four others. President Trump praised the heroic actions of the two Capitol Police officers who took down the gunman. He also praised the first reponders and asked for our prayers for the family and lived ones of those injured. President Trump also called for a nation to come together for the common good.

The rhetoric has got to stop, the escalation of hate and this never-ending anti-Trump and Republican vitriol from the LEFT and the MSM has got to stop. It is ruining this country. And as we can see, there are some people who take it to an absurd extreme.


“As you all know, shortly after 7 a.m. this morning, a gunman opened fire on members of Congress and their staffs.

Authorities are continuing to investigate the crime, and the assailant has now died from his injuries. The FBI is leading the investigation and will continue to provide updates as new information becomes available.

Congressman Steve Scalise, a member of House leadership, was shot and badly wounded and is now in stable condition at the hospital, along with two very courageous Capitol Police officers. At least two others were also wounded.

Many lives would have been lost, if not for the heroic actions of the two Capitol Police officers who took down the gunman despite sustaining gunshot wounds during a very, very brutal assault. Melania and I are grateful for their heroism and praying for the swift recovery of all victims.

Congressman Scalise is a friend – and a very good friend. He is a patriot and he’s a fighter. He will recover from this assault, and Steve, I want you to know that you have the prayers, not only of an entire city behind you, but of an entire nation, and frankly, the entire world. America is praying for you and America is praying for all of the victims of this terrible shooting.

I spoke with Steve’s wife, Jennifer, and I pledged to her our full and absolute support – anything she needs. We’re with her and with the entire Scalise family.

I’ve also spoken with Chief Matthew Verderosa — he’s doing a fantastic job — of the Capitol Police, to express our sympathies for his wounded officers and to express my admiration for their courage. Our brave Capitol Police performed a challenging job with incredible skill and their sacrifice makes democracy possible.

We also commend the brave first responders from Alexandria Police Fire and Rescue, who rushed to the scene.

Everyone on that field is a public servant. Our courageous police, our Congressional aides who work so tirelessly behind the scenes with enormous devotion, and our dedicated members of Congress who represent our people.

We may have our differences, but we do well to remember in times like these that everyone who serves in our nation’s capitol is here because, above all, they love our country. We can all agree that we are blessed to be Americans, that our children deserve to grow up in a nation of safety and peace, and that we are strongest when we are unified and when we work together for the common good.

Please take a moment today to cherish those you love and always remember those who serve and keep us safe. God bless them all. God bless you. And God bless America.”

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    2 Responses to “President Donald Trump Addresses Shooting at Republican Congressional Baseball Practice (VIDEO)”

    1. kashekamon on June 15th, 2017 5:50 pm

      We have to put a law in effect for severe punishment or consequences directed to the hate rhetoric’s for the prevention of danger and harm toward any President or members of his political party. Hate from the left-wing media losers and distorted minds of a deteriorating party. The outlaws of our society need to be stopped and contained. It’s beyond an outrage of civil obedience, or freedom of speech, it’s turned itself into the manslaughter of human beings.

      Hillary and her speeches of evil resentment resulting in calling for persistence and resistance with her Mother Goose rhymes of contempt, who belongs in a jail jumpsuit. What…….. persistence to continue to sabotage our President and resistance to block draining the swamp.

    2. kashekamon on June 15th, 2017 7:00 pm

      What our country has seen for the last 8 yrs is crime without punishment and the unresolved issues of serving justice! Let’s get on with it, Lock her up! We all know who that statement belongs to!

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