Flashback: Remember When Kathy Griffin Bullied Elisabeth Hasselbeck on Respecting the President … “Take it Down a Notch Bitch” (VIDEO)



Kathy Griffin needs to stop whining and accept responsibility … for all the hateful, mocking and mean spirited this woman has done, Karma is taking place and as we know, it can be a bitch.

Why are we dwelling so much on the Kathy Griffin debacle, because it is more than just one individuals colossal screw up and not just crossing the line but it speaks to today’s Democrat and liberal psychosis when it comes to politics and President Donald J. Trump. Truth be known, I have never found Kathy Griffin all that funny. She is no Joan Rivers, Carol Burnett or Lucille Ball. Okay, we’ll make it more contemporary, she is no Paula Poundstone or Ellen DeGeneres. The fact of the matter is that Griffin’s ill-advised, hateful attempt at humor by using a bloodied, decapitated head of Donald Trump was a career-ender. For some one not to have seen that or one of her peeps did not step in and say, ahhh, wait a minute here, just shows how far the LEFT has jumped the shark.

Remember when Kathy Griffin had her own show? That’s okay, never do I. But in 2012 on the “Kathy” show, she bullied Elisabeth Hasselbeck, then the token Republican on “The View” and made the following comments: “with her attitude to the president, who was a Harvard Law professor,” telling her to “take it down a notch, bitch.” Imagine that, Kathy Griffin said you respect the Office of the presidency. But of course in liberalize that only means when a Democrat is in office.

Maybe Kathy should have continued to take the advice that Barbara Walters told her and she would not find herself in the middle of the fire storm she is and no career. But this is not what liberals do in present day. They have reached such a frothing, psychotic state that they have no idea where sanity begins and ends. This is the reason why so many have run from the Democrat party, can you say blue color workers, because in essence, the Kathy Griffin has come to be the poster child of the Party … bat-shit, crazy and nuts!

VIA Mediate:

Once upon a time, Kathy Griffin had her own talk-show on Bravo called Kathy. Things were simpler then: Barack Obama was up for reelection and marriage equality was a big issue. Griffin played a clip from Obama’s appearance on The View, and let Elisabeth Hasselbeck really have it for her “attitude to the president, who was a Harvard Law professor,” telling her to “take it down a notch, bitch.”

Nowadays, Kathy Griffin is in some serious hot water for a picture of her holding Donald Trump’s decapitated head covered in fake blood.

In the clip, Griffin speaks of her time on The View and how Barbara Walters said to “respect the president.” But oh my, how things have changed. Perhaps there was an unmentioned caveat to Walter’s lesson: if it’s a President you don’t like, you can totally depict his bloody, severed head in a photoshoot.

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    One Response to “Flashback: Remember When Kathy Griffin Bullied Elisabeth Hasselbeck on Respecting the President … “Take it Down a Notch Bitch” (VIDEO)”

    1. PaMom on June 3rd, 2017 11:06 am

      She’s got such a warped sense of thought that it’s hard to understand her humor in any situation. I did notice that she was honoring President Obama, and she claimed it was to respect the office. If this is true, what was she respecting in the situation with President Trump. Her career choices and mistakes are self inflicted. She needs to seriously go away for a while.

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