Newt Gingrich Interview with Sean Hannity on 10/31/16 … Hillary Clinton Campaign Lies & Crimes Exposed (VIDEO)



Hillary Clinton has no one but herself to blame for all of this. 650,000 emails on a laptop computer that was used by Clinton personal confidant Huma Abedin and her now estranged husband, perv Anthony Weiner. None of this would have occurred had Hillary not used a personal server t conduct business while Secretary of State under Barack Obama.

Gingrich points out that FBI Director Comey had always stated Hillary was guilty of this, she was guilty of this and she was guilty of this, he just didn’t think that she was indictable or would be convicted in a court. And with an Obama DOJ and Loretta Lynch who would meet with the husband of the individual in question, of course she was never going to be indicted. Then Comey went to Congress and said she lied about this, lied about this and lied about this. And this was the FBI director who the Democrats were praising. Then comes 650,000 emails!!!

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    One Response to “Newt Gingrich Interview with Sean Hannity on 10/31/16 … Hillary Clinton Campaign Lies & Crimes Exposed (VIDEO)”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on November 1st, 2016 11:46 am

      I watched Newt on Hannity. He was surprised to learn from Wiki-leaks that five offices were continuing to investigate the Clinton Foundation and its activities.

      Comey had no choice about Hillary and the E-mails. He knew that the crimes were committed, but Obama and the Department of Justice under Lynch would never indite Hillary and justice would not be served. He did the next best thing by outlining all the crimes she committed in his news conference and as a sop to Obama made the foolish statement about no prosecutor would bring the case. It looked foolish at the time. What he was saying to the public is that Obama and Lynch would not allow prosecution.

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