Hillary Clinton Wants Joe Biden for Secretary of State



According to The Politico, Hillary Clinton has VP Joe Biden on the short list to be her Secretary of State if she were to win the 2016 presidential election. Are you joking, is this a SNL skit? America, wake up, this is a “big F’n deal”. Just what America needs, Uncle Joe Biden and his gift for gaffe causing an international incident. This is a bizarre choice of person and position by Clinton. One, Biden would be 74 years old upon taking such a cabinet position. Hey Democrats, what happened to your party, is there anyone under the age of 69 in it? Two, why on earth would Hillary Clinton even reference the position of Secretary of State, the one she head under Barack Obama and committed so many scandals and crimes with the use of a private email server containing classified U.S. documents. Maybe some one should ask Team Hillary is she would allow her Sec. of State to do the same as she did while in the position? Then again, I don’t think Biden has a Foundation to fennel monies to.

What a pathetic attempt by Team Hillary to plant a story at The Politico to pander to Democrat voters who would have much preferred Biden as the Democrat nominee over her. Cuz the Democrats and media complex would never do such a thing, would they Wikileaks?

Joe Biden is at the top of the internal short list Hillary Clinton’s transition team is preparing for her pick to be secretary of state, a source familiar with the planning tells POLITICO.

This would be the first major Cabinet candidate to go public for a campaign that’s insisted its focus remains on winning the election, and perhaps the most central choice for a potential president who was a secretary of state herself.

Neither Clinton, nor her aides have yet told Biden. According to the source, they’re strategizing about how to make the approach to the vice president, who almost ran against her in the Democratic primaries but has since been campaigning for her at a breakneck pace all over the country in these final months.

“He’d be great, and they are spending a lot of time figuring out the best way to try to persuade him to do it if she wins,” said the source familiar with the transition planning.

Joe Biden … Gaffe machine

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    2 Responses to “Hillary Clinton Wants Joe Biden for Secretary of State”

    1. kashekamon on October 28th, 2016 11:51 am

      What we have to fear is not electing Donald Trump and giving away our country to the continued downward spiral of our nation with the repeated dangers of incompetence, unlawful and criminal actions, the continuance of lying and deceiving our people, the carelessness and reckless leadership.

      We’ve had almost 8 yrs of a muslim arab-american, who falsely presented himself as a black man, nothing more than a failed community organizer who has shit for brains, secretly released our prisoners back into the world of terrorism and a corrupted secretary of state who betrayed our country and murdered our Americans We’ve had enough!

    2. kashekamon on October 28th, 2016 12:05 pm

      We’ve had enough…we’ve enough….we’ve had enough!

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