CBS Poll: Donald Trump Has Closed the Gap on Hillary Clinton, Race Tied in 3-Way Match Up



With the first debate less than two weeks away, and in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s “deplorables” comment and her collapsing on Sunday, according to the most recent CBS poll, the race is a tie. This is a dead even race at this point.  In a two-way race Clinton has a two point lead; however, this is not a two person race, there are four candidates and they are all getting support. It is obvious that Trump has the momentum on the campaign trail and in the polls as Hillary Clinton sees her poll numbers and herself collapsing.


With the first debate less than two weeks away, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are in a tight race for the presidency nationally. Clinton has just a 2-point edge in a two-way match-up among likely voters. The race is tied when third party candidates are included. Among the broader electorate of registered voters, Clinton leads Trump by five points.

One disadvantage for Clinton is diminished voter enthusiasm. Democrats are less enthusiastic about voting now than they were in August.

More than four in 10 voters think each presidential candidate should release more of their medical records.  This poll was conducted before either candidate’s recent release of medical information.

With Election Day just under eight weeks away, the race for President nationwide is tight. In a two-way match-up, Clinton has a slim edge over Trump, 46 – 44 percent among likely voters who support or lean toward a candidate.

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    One Response to “CBS Poll: Donald Trump Has Closed the Gap on Hillary Clinton, Race Tied in 3-Way Match Up”

    1. kashekamon on September 15th, 2016 1:10 pm

      Frankly I’m tired of looking and listening to the sick old haggard mean and nasty lying bitch. She can’t campaign on her credibility, she can’t campaign on her background, she can’t say “You can trust me”, she can’t campaign on new policies, ’cause she doesn’t have any, too lazy, using her famous words, it’s easier or what difference does it make. She’ll just remain on the obama third world country plan and we’ll all live in Hillary hell.

      Sick of her ads too, always demonizing Trump. Whenever she doesn’t like a question, she answers with an attack on Trump. She’s been avoiding the truth of Hillary Clinton throughout her life.

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