Illegal immigrants Get $1,261 More Welfare than American Families, $5,692 vs. $4,431



According to a Washington Examiner report, illegals get more in welfare than American families. According to a new report on the cost of immigration released Monday, illegal immigrant households receive an average of $5,692 in federal welfare benefits every year, far more than the average “native” American household, at $4,431. That’s $1,261 more for illegal families as opposed to American citizens. Honestly, its bad enough that they number is as high as it is for Americans, but what part of “illegals” am I missing?

It is exactly this type of nonsense that American people have grown weary over, especially that lies and non-action of establishment Republicans, as to the reason for the rise of Donald Trump. America has not only become a welfare state for Americans, but an even greater one for illegals.

Illegal_American welfare2

Illegal immigrant households receive an average of $5,692 in federal welfare benefits every year, far more than the average “native” American household, at $4,431, according to a new report on the cost of immigration released Monday.

The Center for Immigration Studies, in an analysis of federal cost figures, found that all immigrant-headed households — legal and illegal — receive an average of $6,241 in welfare, 41 percent more than native households. As with Americans receiving benefits such as food stamps and cash, much of the welfare to immigrants supplements their low wage jobs.

The total cost is over $103 billion in welfare benefits to households headed by immigrants. A majority, 51 percent, of immigrant households receive some type of welfare compared to 30 percent of native households, said the analysis of Census data.

Immigrants receiving the most in the study of 2012 figures come from Mexico and Central America. Their average annual taxpayer funded welfare collection is $8,251, 86 percent higher than the benefits used by native households, said the report.

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    2 Responses to “Illegal immigrants Get $1,261 More Welfare than American Families, $5,692 vs. $4,431”

    1. kashekamon on May 9th, 2016 1:27 pm

      So start deporting from the welfare list, the gov’t knows who they are. The gov’t says they know the documents are false.

      They give us amounts of money spent, the number of illegals and they do nothing about it. So don’t tell us you can’t find them, you even give them cash.

    2. Duh on May 9th, 2016 9:07 pm

      You ask what’s missing – it’s the part where it says illegals cannot receive benefits and the numbers thrown out are a pure guess. It stated that right in the article referenced. Lol.

      Advice for you Trump voters…read farther down.
      SM: Really, you think illegals don’t get benefits? Wake the hell up. There is this little thing called fraud;, hmm, and identity theft and forging docs. You don’t think that illegals dont apply for government goodies? Really? Take the rose-colored liberal glasses off.

      BTW, didn’t vote for Trump.

      Federal law does prevent illegal aliens from receiving benefits meant for American citizens. The only benefit that illegal aliens are allowed is emergency medical care.

      Just because illegal aliens are not legally entitled to these benefits does not mean they do not apply for them. Yes. It is true that illegal aliens have received grants, professional accreditations, loans, WIC, disability, public housing, college educations, food stamps, unemployment benefits, and tax credits from state and federal agencies.

      According to the U.S. Census Bureau, at least one third of foreign born citizens in the United States are illegal aliens. Since children born in the United States are considered U.S. Citizens, it becomes complicated when illegal aliens then bear children who are U.S. Citizens.

      Law Dictionary: Why is it that Illegal Aliens Get Free Food Stamps, Health Insurance and Pay No Taxes?

      Don’t lie to people … they know better.

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