Hillary Clinton Now Barking Like a Dog at Republicans … Clinton’s Campaign Has Gone to the Dogs (VIDEO)



Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign has gone to the dogs. In what might have been one of the strangest thing yet from the Clinton campaign, and that’s saying a lot, Hillary decided to go what I hope was off script and mention a story about a barking dog that acted like a truth-o-meter. Clinton literally barked like a dog. Of course she did this with references to what GOP candidates have states during the campaign. Really Hillary, you want to actually discuss lying? She certainly has the CO-JONES the size of a giraffe and probably bigger than most gutless Republicans in Congress. For Hillary to bring up the issue of lying when she is deemed the most untrustworthy candidate is simply shocking. I cant wait for all the political ads to come from this sound byte.

In attacking Republicans as liars during a rally in Nevada, Hillary Clinton broke into an impromptu series of barks Monday, imitating a truth-monitor dog.

In telling the story, shown in a video clip on ABC News, she said there was once a political ad on Arkansas radio that would bark whenever a candidate said something that wasn’t true.

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    1. SUPER DAVE on February 17th, 2016 12:31 pm

      Dogs do bark ! If the shoe fits ….

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