YouGov Poll: Most Americans Support Building a Fence Along US-Mexico Border Including Majority of White, Blacks & Hispanics



According to a recent You Gov poll, a majority of Americans from across the board say build that wall along the USA-Mexican border now. An amazing 64% say build the fence now. As Allah Pundit at Hot Air opines, “Build it high, build it far, build it fast. But build it.”. What is remarkable in this poll is that a majority of whites, blacks and even Hispanics are in favor of building the fence. And you wonder why Donald Trump is leading in the polls for the GOP presidential nominee? Look no further than Trump being the first and only GOP to take a firm stance on illegal immigration. Although Democrats split 44/43 in favor of building the fence, every other demographic tested in this poll, be it sex, age, race, party ID, household income, or region, are for supporting a wall. A stunning 55% of Blacks and  49% of Hispanics support building the fence.

If these kind of polling numbers continue, we willing be saying in 2016, President Donald Trump. Americans don’t want amnesty, they are sick and tired of illegal immigration and the damage it is causing to the USA. No one wants to hear that a fence can’t be built, they want it done NOW!!!


Donald Trump has made forcing the Mexican government to build a fence along the entire length of their border with the United States a major plank of his presidential campaign. Much of the border with Mexico is already fenced, but the Canadian border has long been unguarded and often unmonitored. In many areas the border is almost invisible, dividing American residents on one side of the street from the playground their children play in on the other side of the street. Scott Walker drew scorn and not a small amount of ridicule for appearing to suggest that the United States build a wall along the Canadian border.

YouGov’s latest research shows that most Americans (64%) support building a fence on the border – when that border is the one with Mexico. Only 27% of the American public oppose it. Even Democrats are evenly split (44% to 43%) while large majorities of independents (65%) and Republicans (87%) support a Mexican border fence.

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    2 Responses to “YouGov Poll: Most Americans Support Building a Fence Along US-Mexico Border Including Majority of White, Blacks & Hispanics”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on September 5th, 2015 12:16 pm

      The fence should have been built during the Reagan administration. The southern invasion was only a few years old.

      Reagan made a poor bargain with the Democrats where he promised to give 3.5 million a one time amnesty and the congress would authorize the money to build the fence. Reagan did his part, but the Democrat controlled congress failed to authorize the fence.

      The Federal Government claims there are 11.5 million illegals in the country and that figure has not changed for the last ten years. The real number is close to fifty million. There is no way any nation can absorb the huge number of illegal aliens and get them to assimilate in one or two generations.

      Along the Southern border there are land owners who will have to be forced to give up some of their land for the fence project. A fence is difficult to build in rugged terrain that exists in places along the Southern border. It can be done.

      The big problem is we have zero people in government who have ever built structures that are needed. Most politicians are lawyers who are great a pharsing a sentence, but have little or no experience in the business sector where the country produces wealth. Building a fence is way beyond their pay grade.

    2. rightknight on September 5th, 2015 8:44 pm

      Yes, the ‘Fence’. AND choking off those who hire the
      invaders in the first place. Microsoft (among other
      competitive businesses) can easily devise a complete
      and flawless system for tracking and identification of
      the illegal invaders, whereas Michelle obama and
      her buddies could not (would not) and and did not
      design a successful plan for obamaCare
      even after all this time.

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