Police Officer Daryle Holloway Police Shot & Killed in New Orleans (Update: Police Arrest Shooting Suspect Travis Boys)



On Saturday 33 year old Travis Boys shot and killed Officer Daryle Holloway while being transported in his police unit.46 year old Daryle Holloway, a 22 year veteran of the police force died shortly after 9 AM. New Orleans Police Department spokesman Tyler Gamble stated that officer Holloway was taking Boys to Orleans Parish Prison when the flexible perp maneuvered his hands to the front of his body, shot the cop and then busted through the cruiser cage that separates the front and back seats to escape out of the passenger side door. Boys then fled on foot after the police vehicle crashed into a utility pole near the intersection of Elysian Fields and North Claiborne Aves.

Daryle Holloway NOPD_Source NOPD

NOPD Daryle Holloway, Rest in Peace

A massive manhunt was underway for a man suspected of fatally shooting a New Orleans police officer while he was handcuffed in the back of the cop’s patrol car, authorities said.

Officer Daryle Holloway, 46, was killed during a struggle with accused shooter Travis Boys, who smuggled a gun into the cruiser and managed to shoot the officer in the right side of his chest while he was handcuffed, New Orleans Police Department spokesman Tyler Gamble said.

The 22-year veteran of the police force died shortly after 9 a.m., leaving his heartbroken family reeling a day after they had gone shopping for Father’s Day.

UPDATE I: New Orleans police arrest man suspected of killing officer.

New Orleans police arrested Sunday the man suspected of shooting and killing a police officer who was transporting him to jail a day earlier, ending a nearly 24-hour manhunt that left residents on edge.

During a press conference Sunday, New Orleans Police Chief Michael Harrison said Travis Boys, 33, was arrested Sunday morning near the intersection of Reynes St. and St. Claude Ave. Boys was arrested through tips received across the metropolitan area, Harrison said, which detailed the Dodge pickup truck Boys was spotted in. Marshals pursued Boys in the truck, then continued the chase on foot when he abandoned the vehicle and fled into the St. Roch neighborhood.

Boys was arrested as he boarded a commuter bus, Harrison said. The suspect was still wearing parts of the broken handcuffs he had on when he escaped police custody Saturday. He will be charged with first-degree murder of a police officer, aggravated escape and illegal possession of a firearm, as well as the aggravated assault charge, Harrison said.

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    3 Responses to “Police Officer Daryle Holloway Police Shot & Killed in New Orleans (Update: Police Arrest Shooting Suspect Travis Boys)”

    1. rightknight on June 21st, 2015 8:19 pm

      Mr. Boys, a putrid stain on the gene pool, shot a beautiful
      person in order to be caught, brought to trial, and cost
      to the community grief and pain. Mr. Boys is a mistake in
      civilization’s ongoing movement toward reason.

    2. tbone on June 21st, 2015 10:51 pm

      Dude, a quick search shows you defend people calling African Americans folks “spades”. 30 sec search bro.
      You don’t really give a crap about black people. Who’s buying your bullsh?t other than yourself?
      SM: A quick search shows you have no clue as to what you are talking about and are a racist yourself.

      Keep to yourself as to what you think, not what others do as you are nothing more than an evil, ignorant troll. You are a perfect example of what is wrong with this country. For people who do care about ALL LIVES MATTER, you are the ignorance that exists that proves a mind truly is a terrible thing to waste.


    3. Scared Monkeys on June 22nd, 2015 8:45 am

      To #2 … Get rid of the hate, it will eat you alive.

      Isn’t it amazing how other people are so quick to say what others think. It would appear that you have enough issues going on in your own brain, cure that first, before you condemn others.

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