Gallup Poll: In Wake of the 2014 Elections Obamacare Hits an All-Time Low at 37% Approval, 56% Disapprove … Grubergate Not Really Reflected Yet in Poll


Remember when Barack Obama said prior to the midterm 2014 elections that all of his policies were on the ballot (VIDEO) and Obama even reminded voters that Democrats looking to distance themselves voted with him.

Obamacare is as unpopular as it ever was. Since Barack Obama’s policies were on the 2014 midterm ballot, I think we can understand why the Democrats took such a butt kicking on November 4th. According to the most recent Gallup poll, Barack Obama’s signature piece of legislation is at an all-time low of 37% approval and 56% disapproval. Eight percent of Republicans approve of Obamacare, while only 33% of Independents approve as well. Meanwhile, 74% of Democrats approve of the ACA, hmm, could these folks be who Jonathan Gruber was speaking of?

Obamacare_gallup poll_111714

Chart –


As the Affordable Care Act’s second open enrollment period begins, 37% of Americans say they approve of the law, one percentage point below the previous low in January. Fifty-six percent disapprove, the high in disapproval by one point.

The current 37% reading comes on the heels of last week’s midterm elections, in which Republicans won full control of both houses of Congress. Already, party leaders are discussing efforts to repeal the unpopular law.

Repeal is highly unlikely, given Obama’s veto power, but the law’s new low in approval — and new high in disapproval (56%) — could potentially have an impact on its future. The president himself has acknowledged he will consider modifications to the law, which could include repealing the tax on medical devices.

Even more bad news for Obamacare. The Gallup poll was conducted Nov.6-9 and surveyed 828 adults. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points. This means that the poll was taken prior to the VIDEOS coming out of Jonathan Gruber stating that Americans were mislead and exploited. Also, prior to the new enrollment period of Obamacare where the premiums in many states have skyrocketed.

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    4 Responses to “Gallup Poll: In Wake of the 2014 Elections Obamacare Hits an All-Time Low at 37% Approval, 56% Disapprove … Grubergate Not Really Reflected Yet in Poll”

    1. PaMom on November 17th, 2014 10:22 pm

      As a 50+ Conservative voting as a Republican, I want to talk about Obamacare to my friends at scared monkeys. Like everyone else, I was scared to death when I heard of this great insurance monster that was going to destroy our economy and leave our country in a communist waste. This is how it was depicted where I read the news. Then I became sick with cancer, but I call it “the C word.” It goes down easier that way. I worked a full time job but had to go down to part time. I’m the only income in my home, so that hurt in a big way. My husband was disabled but an injury he received 10 years ago at work, and we are fighting for disability. It’s an uphill battle, and I don’t want to fight another battle but so be it. After reducing my hours, I was forced to purchase Obamacare for 25% of my income. We struggle to buy food, and we don’t receive any assistance from any source. Life has become very hard. My $33,000. annual income is far to great for any type of assistance. If it wasn’t for Obamacare neither me nor my husband would be able to go to the Doctor. It sucks being sick, but it sucks more being sick and unable to get any medicine or any chance of relief from it. All that we have is a home with a small value that needs repair. It’s not paid off. All of our 401K (what little we had) is gone due to injury or illness. This note just explains the facts of my life. I am not complaining. I’m actually explaining that Obamacare has been a big relief for me and my husband. We live each day grateful for the good things in our lives. We are rich with the love of God and our love for each other and our children.

    2. PaMom on November 17th, 2014 10:28 pm

      Please don’t be offended by my post. I just feel like I have to be honest about Obamacare’s effect on my life.
      SM: PaMom, there is nothing offensive about your post.

      I think there were plenty of ways to provide affordable healthcare to people; however, Obamacare was not it. I have been in the healthcare management business for nearly 30 years. You don’t provide care to some and take it away from others. It would have been better if only those that had no care were addressed. Instead, om the premise of a lie and deceit, Obama created a healthcare system that cannot succeed. It was never intended to. The ultimate goal was to crash the system and create a single payer system.

      Don’t ever think that taking care of yourself in the face of illness is offensive. I have been a healthcare advocate for cystic fibrosis children and have guilted and threatened insurance companies into covering services or face the backlash of public outrage. Trust me, I understand.

      I also understand what real healthcare reform is and what works. This is not it. I can only hope that one day a proper healthcare system is created.

      Take care,

    3. super dave on November 18th, 2014 12:08 pm

      #1: A lot of the problem is that this was FORCED on us. We were not given a choice. In America, we are able to decide for ourselves what is good for us and what is not. Just remember what insurance you are paying for now, whatever the cost, the incoming illegals will be getting it for free at the cost of the taxpayer. It must be dismantled as soos as possible. My wife has been a nurse for 20 years and she has seen obamacare destroy jobs. Her employer has in the last week dropped obamacare from it’s program due to the fact that it pays nothing back to the clinic .

    4. PaMom on November 18th, 2014 10:29 pm

      Thank you Red. It’s true that all people deserve healthcare. I don’t want people to lose healthcare coverage. We need true reform.

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