WAVE ELECTION 2014 … Emperor Barack Obama Has No Clothes and No Authority To Tell Anyone His Radical Liberal Agenda is Wanted by Americans


Call it what you will, a political tsunami, tidal wave or butt kicking … the end result is Emperor Obama has no clothes, no radical leftist agenda and no future.

If last night’s 2014 midterm election was a Little League baseball game, they would have called it early on the mercy rule. If it was a high school football game they would have kept the clock running and if it were a boxing match they ref would have called the fight for the safety and health of the boxer. Make no mistake about it, the American people spoke and it was a complete and total repudiation of Obama, Democrats and their liberal, failed agenda.

  • House Republicans are looking at their largest majority since 1928 according unofficial results from last night’s election.
  • Senate Republicans picked up a net gain of 7 seats with 2 races still in question in Alaska and a Louisiana runoff that will most likely both go to the GOP.
  • Republicans were supposed to have a net loss of governorships, yet now find GOP governors in the deep blue states of  Massachusetts, Illinois and Maryland.

The era of the Barack Obama – Harry Reid gridlock is over.

Obama_Stripped_NY Post

Hmm … Look what happen when Team Obama, Democrats and the IRS are not affecting elections.

Pic – Today’s Cover of the NY Post

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    2 Responses to “WAVE ELECTION 2014 … Emperor Barack Obama Has No Clothes and No Authority To Tell Anyone His Radical Liberal Agenda is Wanted by Americans”

    1. PaMom on November 5th, 2014 2:01 pm

      This election was against Obama and anyone who agrees with him. I know because that’s how I voted. The Republicans have to make true change and listen to the American people. It can’t be business as usual or they will also be voted out. We don’t want an overspending out of control government and that’s all there is to it.

    2. BabyBear on November 6th, 2014 11:56 am

      The very thought of Emperor Hussein unclothed makes me ill. In fact, the thought of him with clothes on makes me ill. Actually, the thought of him makes me ill.
      That idiotic clown actually had the nerve to outline what Congress’ actions will be–what he wants, of course. I got news for His Majesty. He is not calling the shots anymore. Perhaps America is saved from Islam and Marxism.

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