Ferguson, MO Chaos: Protesters Refused to comply with Gov. Nixon’s Midnight Curfew … 7 Arrested, One Individual Critically Shot, Police Use Tear Gas Against Mob


Curfew, what curfew?

Earlier in the day on Saturday, Gov. Jay Nixon (D-MO) had issued a state of emergency and called for a curfew (VIDEO) in Ferguson, MO after looting and rioting continued, following the announcement of the naming of the police officer, Darren Wilson, who shot and killed Michael Brown.  However, predictably there was an element that was not going to abide by the curfew and defy authority.

“This is not to silence the people of Ferguson, but to address those who are drowning out the voice of the people with their actions,” Mr. Nixon, a Democrat, told reporters and residents at a Ferguson church. “We will not allow a handful of looters to endanger the rest of this community. If we’re going to achieve justice, we must first have and maintain peace.”

Mr. Nixon added: “This is a test. The eyes of the world are watching.”

As 12 midnight came and went, some protesters disbursed; however, many staying in defiance of the 12 midnight to 5 am curfew. The result was more chaos, clashes with police (VIDEO), tear gas and arrests. As Right Wing News opined, Rioters Go Crazy In Ferguson Yet Again.

Live Audio & Video Feeds From #Ferguson

“No Justice! No Curfew!… We grown!”

VIDEO Hat Tip – The Gateway Pundit

Police Warn Protesters that they are violating a State imposed curfew

Man Shot (not by police) As Protesters Defy Curfew in Ferguson


Daily News: One shot, in critical condition as Ferguson, Mo., cops crack down on protesters, arrest seven for breaking curfew.

The mayhem in Ferguson Mo. Escalated early Sunday morning as a man was shot and seven people were arrested following a confrontation between police and protesters who refused to abide by the state mandated curfew.

Authorities have not identified the man but said he was critically wounded by a gunshot. It is unclear who shot him but he was injured near an area of the town where protesters had gathered near a restaurant and some people were standing on the roof. Authorities said it did not appear he was shot by an officer.

Officers from Missouri State Highway Patrol, St. Louis city and county police worked to remove the people from the area and brought armored vehicles and tear gas. A man with a handgun as spotted in the crowd and another person was reported shooting at a police car.

“I was disappointed in the actions of tonight” said patrol Capt. Ron Johnson.

Police had earlier pledged they would not use such tactics but Johnson said they were worried about officers’ safety.

“Tonight’s response was a proper one,” he said, adding that he was “disappointed” that rioting continued.

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    2 Responses to “Ferguson, MO Chaos: Protesters Refused to comply with Gov. Nixon’s Midnight Curfew … 7 Arrested, One Individual Critically Shot, Police Use Tear Gas Against Mob”

    1. bob on August 17th, 2014 11:10 am

      Gotta love the pundits on Fox that vilified Obama for droning an American al Qaida member in Pakistan without giving him due process, but defend the shooting of a teenaged cigar shoplifting suspect…..
      SM: You mean like the Democrats and the MSM that criticized drone attacks of al-Qaida during the Bush years? Funny, most conservatives agree with the drone strikes. Might want to get facts correct.

      Drones, Double Standards and the So-Called Mainstream Media

      I don’t agree with President Obama on very much, but I agree with him when it comes to using drones to kill terrorists, including American terrorists who are operating on foreign soil.

      Like the president I think it’s perfectly okay to aim a drone missile right between the eyes of the terrorist, American or otherwise, and blow his brains out without so much as a judge or jury first declaring him guilty.

      Sorry, it is liberals that were upset with drones and libertarians.

      How Coverage of Obama’s Role in Drone Executions Provokes Liberal Outrage

      Mika Admits: Under Bush, Drone Strike Memo Would Have Caused ‘Huge Controversy’

      Discussing on today’s Morning Joe the Obama administration memo that has been uncovered authorizing the use of drone strikes to kill U.S. citizens abroad, Mika admitted that there would have been a “huge controversy” if such a memo had surfaced during the Bush administration. Ford said that “Democrats have to think now about how they conducted themselves and the questions they raised about Bush administration tactics.” Joe Scarborough flatly declared that had the policy come to light under Bush, it would have been “ended” by the ensuing outcry.

    2. A Texas Grandfather on August 17th, 2014 2:16 pm

      People who refuse to respect a curfew designed to protect everyone, are asking and demanding LE take action against them. This will continue until LE announces on all local media that those found breaking the curfew will be taken into custody and those found to be looting will be shot on sight.

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