Kaiser Family Foundation Poll: Obamacare is More Unpopular Than Ever … Now at 53% Unfavorable … (Update: Even Barney Frank Calls Obama Admin Lies)



According to the most recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll Barack Obama’s signature piece of legislation is more unpopular than ever. Fifty-three percent now view Obamacare unfavorably, an 8% increase since June 2014. As the Lonely Conservative opines, someone should tell Nancy Pelosi about this poll as when Democrats passed this horrible health care law and said we would then find out what was in it, they will like it. What is most comical about the WAPO article is their disbelief that Obamacare could become more negative after so-called manipulated data that there was a major drop in the nation’s uninsured rate. A note to the WAPO, maybe it is because individuals personal experiences are not the same as fabricated numbers.

Obamacare_Kaiser poll_uninsured_unfavorable

Chart – Kaiser Family Foundation

Even after survey after survey has recently shown a major drop in the nation’s uninsured rate, Obamacare just had its worst month in a key health-care poll.

Kaiser Family Foundation, which has done arguably the best and most consistent polling on the health-care law in the past four-plus years, found that public opinion on the law sank to a record low in July. More people than ever (53 percent) last month said they viewed the law unfavorably, an increase of 8 percentage points since June — one of the biggest opinion swings ever.

As the foundation notes, more people seemingly made up their minds about the law last month. The rate of those without an opinion on the Affordable Care Act dropped from 16 percent in June to 11 percent in July.

The unfavorable opinion of Obamacare has not even come close to its apex. Many Americans have not experienced the train-wreck of Obamacare yet. This was purposely done by Obama and Democrats with targeted delays until after the 2014 midterm and 2016 elections so to lessen the wrath of “We the People” against Democrats. Once the ACA has its full impact on Americans, it will be over 60% unfavorable.

UPDATE I:  See What Liberal Democrat Barney Frank Says About Obama Admin on Obamacare: “They Just Lied to People”.

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    3 Responses to “Kaiser Family Foundation Poll: Obamacare is More Unpopular Than Ever … Now at 53% Unfavorable … (Update: Even Barney Frank Calls Obama Admin Lies)”

    1. Lightwave on August 2nd, 2014 8:22 pm

      As I’ve said on a number of occasions, your next President will be elected on a platform of repealing Obameecare.

      Hillary will “triangulate” her way into repealing it, and the GOP nominee demanding repeal will be a given (unless we’re stupid enough to pick Romney again.)

      Early in 2017 the bill to repeal, passed by a GOP House and Senate, will be signed into law.

    2. A Texas Grandfather on August 2nd, 2014 9:51 pm

      Your figure of over 60 percent disapproval may be a low number. It would be a lot worse if Obama had not broken the law by issuing waivers to his union buddies and others.

      Wait for the case working its way through the courts that prevents subsidies being given to those on the federal exchange. Thirty-six states did not build exchanges and by the language in the law, those are the only exchanges that would be given subsidies.

      This is the largest piece of garbage legislation ever passed by the congress and it did not receive a single GOP vote. In addition, the Senate took a House bill, stripped it clean and inserted the ACA language that authorized a tax. It is therefore unconstitutional for the fact that a bill for revenue did not originate in the House.

    3. See What Liberal Democrat Barney Frank Says About Obama Admin on Obamacare: “They Just Lied to People” | Scared Monkeys on August 3rd, 2014 12:24 pm

      [...] is the reason why Obamacare is as unpopular as ever and will become even more unpopular in the future. Everyone has not figured out they that they have [...]

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