First-grader Darin Simak Accidentally Brings Toy Gun To School, Goes the Right Thing, Turns It In and Gets Suspended


More elementary school ignorance with “zero tolerance” … Maybe school administrators should worry less about common core and more about common sense!!!

First-grader Darin Simak accidentally brought a toy gun to school in his backpack when his mother packed a new bag and missed the machine toy gun, he then did the right thing and notified his teacher of the toy, turned it in and then got what every child should when they do the right thing … SUSPENDED!!! The New Kensington-Arnold School District superintendent said that bringing a toy gun to school violates the district’s policy at the highest level and requires a child to be suspended immediately until a meeting can be held to discuss what happened and whether punishment is warranted. Sorry, that may be the case if the gun was found by a teacher or other school administrator, but not when the child turns in the toy gun himself. What kind of idiots do we have running these schools today?

First-grader Darin Simak is a little shy, a little upset and a little confused about why he can’t go back to Martin Elementary in New Kensington, but he knows it’s the result of him bringing a toy gun to school in his backpack Wednesday.

Jennifer Mathabel said her son left his usual backpack in a friend’s car the night before, so he packed another one but missed the toy gun inside.

“So I send my child to school. My child discovers a fake toy gun at about 1:30 p.m. He turns it in to the teacher and he’s sent to the office and suspended,” said Mathabel.

As stated at The Daily Caller, what a message this sends to a child … “I hope young Darin has learned his lesson: If you do something you know you’re not supposed to do, even if it’s an accident, don’t tell anybody or you’ll get in trouble. That’s exactly the message we should be teaching children.”

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    One Response to “First-grader Darin Simak Accidentally Brings Toy Gun To School, Goes the Right Thing, Turns It In and Gets Suspended”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on June 8th, 2014 10:36 am

      This just another sad story of a little boy bringing a toy gun to school and scaring the stupid, hard headed PC police in the school systems. Even though he did the right thing, he was given the full sentence associated with such a scary act, suspension.

      The colleges and universities that have programs for educating teachers need to begin teaching some courses in common sense. Grades K thru 6 should never have women or men teaching that are not parents themselves. Any school board that produces rules such as this needs to be replaced with people capable of common sense.

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