3 American Doctors Killed in Kabul, Afghanistan Hospital Attack … Motive, How About Muslim Islamist Jihad?


Three Americans have been killed in an attack at a hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan.  According to accounts, an Afghan security official opened fire Thursday killing 3 American medical staff at the American-run Christian hospital, CURE, in Kabul. The terror attack also wounded several individuals people as doctors and nurses arrived at CURE at about 9 am local time. In a statement, the U.S. Embassy in Kabul said: “With great sadness we confirm that three Americans were killed in the attack on CURE Hospital. No other information will be released at this time.”  CURE is a non-profit organization that operates hospitals and programs in 29 countries, according to its website. The security guard was wounded but survived and was later in surgery in the same hospital where he killed the 3 doctors.  Talk about putting the hypocritical oath to the test.  The shooter has been arrested and is in custody.


The U.S. Embassy in Kabul says three Americans were killed Thursday in an attack at a hospital in the Afghan capital.

Afghan police say a security guard opened fire at western Kabul’s Cure Hospital, which is run by a U.S.-based charity group. At least one of the dead was a doctor.

Interior Ministry spokesman Sediq Sediqqi said the security guard is now in police custody and an investigation is under way.

“This was an unfortunate incident this morning,” he told reporters. “The attacker was a police security guard there and he opens fire on foreign nationals who went there and unfortunately three of them have been killed. One is injured and the injured has been taken to the hospital. And the police has arrested the attacker as well so we will investigate to find out the motives behind this attack.”

MOTIVE, THE CAUSE OF THE ATTACK, are you kidding? It is called terrorism, jihad, Muslim Islamists!!! You know, all those words that we are not allowed to use in this ridiculous “PC” world. Is it really that difficult to find a cause and a motive when an American, Christian non-profit organization is attacked by a Muslim Islamist? Seriously folks, I think we can figure out the obvious. Note to the Obama administration … This was also not work place violence!!!

UPDATE I: American Father, Son Among Victims in Kabul Hospital Fatal Shooting.

An Afghan security guard opened fire on a group of doctors at a Kabul, Afghanistan, hospital on Thursday, killing three male American doctors and leaving two other people wounded, officials said. A father and son were among the victims, ABC News has learned.

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    3 Responses to “3 American Doctors Killed in Kabul, Afghanistan Hospital Attack … Motive, How About Muslim Islamist Jihad?”

    1. JW on April 24th, 2014 5:55 am

      I was a patient there and knew the chief surgeon who was American and I am sure killed. RIP.

    2. BabyBear on April 24th, 2014 4:26 pm

      The motive is simple and apparent.
      The Koran says: “Kill them where you find them.”
      And, “Cut their necks (behead.)”
      This refers to all non-Muslims. It isn’t a question of radical Islam or moderate Islam. It is Islam. The President of Turkey, who is an Islamist and who is leading Turkey back to the Seventh Century, said that “There is only one Islam.” He is correct. Islam is not a religion. It is a political philosophy. Their aim, and I mean every practicing and believing Muslim, is to kill us all. Period.

    3. Unreal on April 24th, 2014 8:03 pm

      “Their aim, and I mean every practicing and believing Muslim, is to kill us all. Period”

      What a crock. Do you even walk outside? There are billions of Muslims, millions in the US. If you believe they are trying to “kill you”, you must not get out much since more than likely there will be someone looking to “kill you” standing in line behind you at the Safeway. And how do you tell a Muslim from someone else – do you have a special Muslim radar?
      SM: Every Muslim is not a terrorist, but pretty much every terrorist attacking America has been a Muslim.

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