Carly Scott, 27 Years Old & 5 Months Pregnant Has Been Missing Since 2/9/14 in Maui, Hawaii (Update: Carly’s Dog & Vehicle Found Burned)(Update: Missing Woman’s Clothes Found)


27 year old Carly Scott has been missing since Sunday, February 9, 2014 in Maui, Hawaii. Carly Scott is 5 months pregnant. Scott was last seen Sunday night at her sister’s house in Haiku. According to reports, Carly Scott got a call from her ex-boyfriend on Sunday night saying he needed help after his car had stalled and needed help near mile marker 20 on Hana highway. Search efforts have focused on Hana highway  between mile marker 20 and in between mile markers 27 and 29. Also, Carly’s dog, who was with her Sunday night, was found at the Nahiku market place on Monday.

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Police say Carly Scott was last seen Sunday night at her sister’s house in Haiku. The 27-year-old is five months pregnant, has red shoulder length hair, green eyes and is about 5-foot-10.

Carly’s dog, who was with her Sunday night, was found at the Nahiku market place on Monday. That’s where today’s search began.

“Anybody who goes out there, please wear bright clothing. Don’t be on Hana Highway walking. Carly would not thank any of us for getting hurt on her account,” said Kimberlyn Scott, Carly’ mother.

Kimberlyn says her daughter got a call from her ex-boyfriend Sunday night saying he needed help after his car stalled near mile marker 20 of Hana highway.

She was last seen in a silver colored 1997 Toyota 4Runner with Hawaii plates MDE-889.


Carly Scott (left) – ex-boyfriend Steven Capobianco (right)

UPDATE I: Missing Maui woman’s car found, search continues for Carly Scott.

Carly Scott’s vehicle was found Wednesday night at the top of Jaws surf break on the North Shore.  Scott’s mother, Kimberly said, “They said that on a hunch because of where Steven lives, they decided to go down there and look and they found her car.” This is not looking good and all eyes have to be focused on the ex-boy friend at this point. He was the last person to see Carly and his account of what happened do not seem to jive with locations of Carly’s dog and vehicle being found.

Friends, who say they were “searching on a hunch”, discovered the car of a missing woman on Maui this evening, but still no sign of five-month pregnant Carly Scott.

It’s now been 72-hours since family members or friends have seen or heard from Charly, as those close to her call her.

Friends tell Hawaii News Now they discovered her car at the top of Jaws surf break just after 6 p.m. Wednesday night.

“They said that on a hunch because of where Steven lives, they decided to go down there and look and they found her car,” described Scott’s mother, Kimberly.

Steven is Scott’s ex-boyfriend, who family members describe as estranged and the father of her unborn baby.

According to her ex-boyfriend, that’s where she drove to help him after his car broke down Sunday.  He reported to police she was following him back to Haiku — but all of a sudden, she was gone. Scott’s car was found 20 miles in the opposite direction.

Hawaii News Now – KGMB and KHNL UPDATE II: Missing Maui woman’s car found burnt, on side.

The search for a missing Maui woman who is five months pregnant continues Thursday. In a phone interview Thursday morning on Hawaii News Now Sunrise, Carly Scott’s mother Kimberlyn said her daughter’s car was found, “on its side and part of it was burned.” Today’s search will focus on the stretch of road from Keanae to Haiku.

 Hawaii News Now – KGMB and KHNL

UPDATE III: Breaking: Clothes of missing pregnant woman found.

More very bad news in the search for missing 27 year old Carly Scott. The missing woman’s clothes has been found near the Hana highway where Carly’s dog was found. So far no body has been found.  Carly’s ex-boyfriend and the father of her unborn baby, 24 year Steven old Steven Capobianco, has not been charged and is not a suspect. YET! The ex-boyfriend has been questioned by the police and took a lie detectors test, that authorities say he failed.

So let’s get the story straight here that the ex is telling … Steven Capobianco calls up his estranged girlfriend who is 5 months pregnant with his child to help him because his car broke down. Carly drives to help him. So what was wrong with his car? Is Carly the 2010′s version of Marisa Tomei, Mona Lisa Vito, from ‘My Cousin Vinny’? How exactly did she help him with his broken down car? One would think that all she could do is drive him back home or to a gas station so that he could call a tow truck. But no, Steven Capobianco says that she was following him in her car and because he drives faster, she was out of site. He never called her or texted her to see if she was ok. WHO DOES THIS? So this guy called her to help him and he didn’t have the where with all to make sure she and his unborn child was ok.

Sorry, does not pass the smell test.

Charli Scott’s sister found clothes that she says Charli was wearing when she disappeared Sunday night.

Sources tell Hawaii News Now, the sister found the items while searching the area around the Hana Highway.  The family called police Thursday evening and were apparently told them to stay there with the items until a detective arrived.  But the sister instead drove the items to the police station in Kahului where the clothes and blanket are being processed.

This comes one day after Charli’s SUV was found torched near Jaws surf break.

Carly_Scott_boyfriend_lie detector

Pic – screen grab from Hawaii News Now Video above

UPDATE IV: Search underway in Maui for missing pregnant woman.

A private search party was looking for a missing pregnant Hawaii woman whose SUV was found torched two days earlier in a rural area.

The search continued Friday for Scott, who is five months pregnant.

Maui police said someone in the search party found “possible evidence” Thursday. But police aren’t revealing what was found. They’re asking searchers who find possible clues not to touch or move them.

For Updates, provide your own opinions and analysis and to read others, go to Scared Monkeys Missing Persons Forum: Carly Scott.

If anyone has any information on this missing woman case is asked to call Maui Police at 808-270-6516.

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    1. A Texas Grandfather on February 13th, 2014 11:00 am

      The boyfriend is the prime suspect. His story is false. If someone is following you, there is not going to be a “suddenly not there”.

      Any good driver is going to use his or her rear view mirrors to keep track of a following vehicle.

    2. sella35 on February 13th, 2014 11:38 am

      Doesn’t sound good…. keep us updated.

    3. Doreen Jenkins on February 24th, 2014 3:33 pm

      If 2 used duct tape rolls and a set of gloves were found,I praying those were given to police and their forensics to check for DNA and fingerprints of whomever did this,especially inside the gloves and the inside of the roll where you grab and hold it? Sounds like more than one person involved in her disapperance.Has the police been checking cell phones by her,or her ex-boyfriend from that night along that rode?Was anything else found next to Carly’s clothes? Also,her landlord sounds creepy, he should gave back all the items he took,her family should press charges against him for entering and taking personnel belongings without a court order,even if she does owe rent. She is legally a missing person,there is no body yet, so therefore he can not act upon the assumption that he has a right to claim her belongings. They go to her estate and family memembers.What will her landlord do next-rent her apartment.Why hasn’t the police gone through her apartment with forensics to see if there is any blood under that light that is used to see if someone attacked her in her apartment and then tried to clean it up and torched her car, maybe her landlord is in on this, maybe she refused his advances.He is acting strange,like she is not coming back and if he was a legal, nice, and upfront kind of man thene he would have spoken to her family first and worked out something. What is the connection-2 odd people-her ex-boyfriend who does not check on herconsidering she is pregant with his baby- after she helped him to get his truck, and a creepy landlord.

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