Radio Host Nancy Lane Fired From Her Job at Forever Broadcasting Because of Her Deranged Ex-husband … “Regrettably Recent Events Involving Your Former Husband has Caused Severe Disruption to our Business”


Imagine being fired from a job not because of your actions or poor performance, but instead because you have a lunatic, psycho, deranged ex-spouse.

Nancy Lane was best known as Daisy or Lexi and was a popular radio host on two of Forever Broadcasting’s stations, WFGI-FM, Froggy 95, and WRKW-FM, Rocky 99, in Johnstown, PA. That was until last Tuesday when she was fired. But she was not fired for her poor job performance, she was fired because of the actions of her lunatic ex-husband. Her former husband, George Lane, has in recent months threatened Nancy, her family and her co-workers. Now. his actions have caused her to be fired. Nancy Lane said, “It’s defeating to me that my job now has been let go because of violent acts of a person who is clearly of not right mind and not right demeanor. Now another facet of my life is affected by this.”


Nancy Lane (Image source: Screen grab via WJAC-TV) - click on pic for VIDEO

The Blaze:

Nancy Lane told WJAC-TV that the past several years have been difficult on her, but things have amplified in the past few months with her ex-husband allegedly making violent threats against her and her former employer, Forever Broadcasting.

“Not only has my personal life been greatly affected and influenced, terror, fear, all of that, but I’ve worked very hard as a person in the public eye to maintain a certain reputation and now that’s been stripped from me as well,” she said.

Lane, who had a show on two Forever Broadcasting stations in Johnstown, says the termination letter she received  — and partially read aloud to WJAC-TV — doesn’t mention poor performance as a factor in letting her go.

“Regrettably recent events involving your former husband has caused severe disruption to our business and has made this decision necessary,” the letter said, according to Lane.

This is so wrong that some one would be fired from their job because of some one who is a deranged lunatic and no longer even a part of one’s life.  Nancy Lane is a victim of an abusive and crazy ex-husband, yet her employer is punishing her for it.

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    3 Responses to “Radio Host Nancy Lane Fired From Her Job at Forever Broadcasting Because of Her Deranged Ex-husband … “Regrettably Recent Events Involving Your Former Husband has Caused Severe Disruption to our Business””

    1. A Texas Grandfather on February 10th, 2014 2:42 pm

      If the ex-husband was making threats and doing other things to disrupt the business, they should have called police and had him arrested.

      Firing an employee with a following as she seemed to have is a desperate measure that will not solve the problem.

    2. Nikki on February 10th, 2014 10:56 pm

      You are very right. And the threats that he made to the radio company were last year! So why did they wait so long for this? And why didn’t the radio station do something from the beginning to help her and keep the station and her safe? The station was wrong. She is an amazing DJ and always kept her personal life unknown to her followers. This was a complete shock to her fans. A let down by the station. There is a petition to sign for her and to prevent this from happening to anyone else suffering from domestic abuse.

    3. John on February 12th, 2014 9:10 am

      Nikki – I just signed the petition, and was led immediately to another petition to:
      Help Texas Turn Blue.

      That ain’t happening! See, I’m AGAINST capital punishment – for unborn babies!

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